WWE SmackDown Live Results & Updates- 12 February 2019

SmackDown Live 12 February 2019
SmackDown Live 12 February 2019

Welcome to the live results blog of WWE SmackDown 12 February 2019

With 5 days remaining to Elimination Chamber, SmackDown will be action-packed again as the EC match participants will take part in a Gauntlet match.

The broadcast opens up with a graphic memorializing the late Pedros Morales.

Charlotte Flair Opens the Show

Charlotte cut the usual promo where she dissed Becky, tells us why she deserves to be at Wrestle Mania. She also stuttered amid continuous boos and Becky chants from the crowd. A full-throttle heel, she also played with their Becky chants and at last, told Ronda that she has her eyes on her match at Elimination Chamber.

New Day is seen deciding amongst themselves who will replace the injured Mustafa Ali in the Elimination Chamber.
Promos for Elimination Chamber Women Tag Team match for SmackDown teams are shown.

The Fabulous Glow vs the IIconics vs Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose

Billie Key quickly tags Mandy for her to come in and face Carmella. Mandy starts with a cheap shot and double team with Sonya. Carmella gets Sonya to her corner and tags Naomi for a double suplex. Naomi hits a jumping split on Deville. Mella dodges Sonya twice and teases her. She hits a spinning hurricanrana and Naomi and Mandy are tagged in. Mandy does not want to face Naomi and runs away from the ring. Naomi hit her with a splash at the ringside.

Sonya has Mella in a hold. Mella gets on her feet. They collide with each other when they both go for a crossbody. After a tag, Mandy and Naomi are in the ring. Naomi hits a springboard crossbody on Rose. Sonya tries to interfere but Naomi sends her on the apron where Mella takes her out with a superkick She hits the split-legged moonsault for the win.

Winner- The Fabulous Glow with Pinfall

Sonya and Mandy will start first at Elimination Chamber. The IIconics attack Mella and Naomi after the match.

Promos from the RAW side of Elimination Chamber Women’s Tag Team Match.
Promo from Mustafa Ali where he says other guys would try to put him down but he won’t stay down for long.

McMiz TV with the Usos

Miz and Shane correct the crowd that this is McMiz TV. Shane introduces the Usos by tagging them as one of the most exciting Tag Teams. Usos say that they are fine standing as the crowd chants Usos. Usos asks Shane and Miz if they do things together liking training, eating, etc. Shane and Miz mock the Usos with a huge pop from the crowd. After more back and forth verbal action, Usos kicks Shane and Miz and leaves.

Gauntlet Match for last Entry in the Elimination Chamber WWE Championship

Daniel Bryan starts his promo when the crowd starts Yes! chants. He says that there are so many people who want him to lose, but they are lying to themselves and that he does not want to enter the elimination chamber match since it might shorten his career with injuries but he would have to. His sacrifice is necessary. The New Day interrupts and they all tease who will enter the match one by one before Kofi Kingston is announced.

Gauntlet match 1- Daniel Bryan vs Kofi Kingston

Bryan locks in Kofi and they grapple for some time. Kofi breaks the lock and Bryan rolls out of the ring. Daniel counters a headscissor and puts him on a surfboard. Now Kofi has countered an armlock to put Bryan in the armlock. Bryan with a huge uppercut but Kofi counters with a clothesline after dodging him. Bryan with consecutive arm drags and knees in the midsection. Kofi throws Bryan out of the ring and takes him out with a suicide dive.

Bryan is in control as we come back from the break. He locks Kofi in between the ropes and stretches her back. Bryan was going for a suplex but Kofi counters to send Bryan in the turnbuckle. Kofi is hanging at the top rope and Bryan hits with a knee to the back of his head from the turnbuckle. He then goes for the splash but Kofi moves away. Kofi makes some momentum with a dropkick, the new day bomb, and summersault Seaton for a two count. He then hit a crossbody before Bryan counters by sending Kofi face-first into the turnbuckle putting him in the tree of woe to hit a baseball slide.

Bryan hits some Yes! kicks before they trade pin combinations. Bryan puts Kofi in the Label lock but Kofi breaks it by reaching the ropes. Bryan with a flying knee again at the ringside. Bryan was going for the Splash again but Kofi hits a dropkick again. Rowan trips Kofi and Big E and Woods get involved with him. The referee sends them backstage. Rowan throws Kofi into the timekeeper’s area. The referee then sends him back too. Bryan brings Kingston back into the ring and eats a Trouble in Paradise as Kofi gets the pin.

Winner- Kofi Kingston with a pinfall

Huge Shocker of a result this as Kofi eliminates the WWE champion. Jeff Hardy is next.

Gauntlet Match 2- Kofi Kingston vs Jeff Hardy

Kofi dropkicks Hardy out of the ring who avoids a jump from the steel steps and sends Kofi back in the ring where Kofi moves away from the Swanton Bomb. Kofi is visibly exhausted. Kofi goes to the top turnbuckle and avoids a suplex from there twice before hitting a crossbody from there. Hardy almost turned it around and avoids Trouble in Paradise only to be hit by SOS and get eliminated.

Winner- Kofi Kingston with a pinfall

Samoa Joe is next.

Gauntlet Match 3- Kofi Kingston vs Samoa Joe

Joe is keeping control over an exhausted Kofi. Joe nails him with an enzuiguri to send him to the floor. Kofi hits Joe with a crossbody on the floor. They almost get counted out but enter simultaneously at 8. A vicious clothesline from Joe but Kofi again kicks out. Kofi tries to come back with some punches but Joe overpowers him and puts him in the lock. Kofi breaks it and Joe hits a Seaton cut on his back. Kofi tries to go for a springboard from the apron but Joe intervenes and pushes him to the ringside. Kofi again tries to come back but Joe puts him in a Coquina clutch. Kofi counters the hold and rolls up Joe to get the pin.

Winner- Kofi Kingston with a pinfall

Samoa Joe attacks Kofi after the match and makes him pass out with Coquina clutch. AJ Styles is next to enter the match. He attacks Joe on his way to the ring.

8. Gauntlet Match 4- Kofi Kingston vs AJ Styles

AJ Styles waits for Kofi and then insists that Kofi doesn’t have to do this. Kofi shoves him away and they start the match. Styles with a backbreaker as Kofi reaches 52 minutes mark in the match. Styles then sends him to the turnbuckle. Styles keeping control over Kofi. He hits a snap suplex but Kofi is not giving up. Kofi rolls up Styles out of nowhere but then eats a backbreaker. Both of them end up at the apron where Kofi sets Styles for a jumping knee which Styles avoids. Kofi is down at the ringside as Referee starts the count-out but he comes in the ring at 5. Kofi goes for the scissor takedown but Kofi avoids it. He then hits a splash to the back of Styles. Styles puts him in the calf crusher and Kofi finally taps out after lasting in the match for 60 minutes.

Winner- AJ Styles with submission

Big E and Xavier Wood take Kofi out of the ring.

Next is Randy Orton who runs in from behind to surprise Styles with an RKO out of nowhere. He goes for the pin and the win to end the show.