Signs that prove Dean Ambrose is leaving WWE!

Have you been confused about Dean Ambrose’s continued decline in performances over the last few months? Surely, I was. He barely survived against Apollo Crews in his title defense last month, was pinned by Seth Rollins in the 6-man Tag Team match on 7th January episode of RAW before being battered by him in the title match same night. Although he was saved by Lashley’s intervention on that night, next week, he finally lost his title to Lashley itself in a triple threat match. During all these matches, he was hardly performing to his levels.

He looked long lost version of himself so much so that fans are starting to get frustated with him. His Royal Rumble stint was also pretty brief by his standards. Although last night again at RAW, he lost to Rollins albiet with an improved performance. After their match, the show went for the commercial break and generally, by the time show resumes after the break, stars from last match goes back to the backstage. But Ambrose was still inside the ring this time when the show returned and was about to say something to the audience when he was interrupted by Nia Jax and Tamina entering the arena. Ambrose could not address the crowd and his exit was even more awkward. He was literally thrown out of the ring by Nia Jax to add to his embarrassment and was escorted back by the Referees.

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You might be thinking why I am recounting all these things. I am reminding you all this because PWTorch has reported today that Dean Ambrose has given his notice to WWE that intends to leave after his contract expires in April. In their report PWTorch wrote this:
Sources tell PWTorch that Ambrose has been long frustrated with the creative direction of his character and reached a breaking point recently. He’s indicated to WWE management this weekend he’s not interested in negotiating further and made it clear this isn’t about trying to get more money. One of his colleagues on the roster, when asked tonight about Dean’s demeanor lately and if there were any signs of discontent, said “he’s pretty much impossible to read.” He added, though, that Dean “hates hokey sh–” and, since so much of his character has been portrayed as hokey in the last few years, he’s not surprised that would have built up frustration leading to a breaking point.

Now, this can surely be dismissed as another rumor but the way he was shown in the last few weeks in WWE, it is more possible that this report is correct. The report also states that he broke the news to management this weekend, including directly in a meeting with Vince McMahon, after being offered a new contract and a raise weeks ago. Top management in WWE and a small circle of friends of Dean knew about his decision this weekend, but it wasn’t well known at the Rumble or Raw among most of his colleagues.

When I was watching Seth Rollins leaving after their match last night on RAW, he was looking at Ambrose in a manner which made me curious. I thought Rollins is worried about his friend’s treatment and storyline in recent times. But actually, he might have come to know that Ambrose is leaving the company and this might be one of his last match against him at WWE. And might be, Ambrose was about to pour out his heart to the crowd (just the way CM Punk did before leaving) and WWE team found an innovative way to cut him off.

They sent out the stars of the next match in Nia Jax and Tamina. It certainly helped that those superstars included Nia who sent him out of the ring and the official at the ringside escorted him to the backstage in a successful attempt to cover things up (which certainly less controversial than cutting off the mic of CM Punk). Later in an interview for, Ambrose, to save himself from more embarrassment said Nia may have tripped on him resulting in him being thrown out of the ring.

Well, maybe I have deduced this all wrong but there is every chance that I might be more right than wrong.

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