Shawn Spears announced for Casino Battle Royal

Shawn Spears a.k.a. Tye Dillinger is announced for Casino Battle Royal at AEW Double or Nothing’s Buy In pre show.

Tye Dillinger, Shawn Spears,

Despite being offered a substantial raise, Spears asked for released from WWE back in February and was subsequently released from the company. It was Spears’ second run with the company since 2013. He worked with NXT until 2017 followed up by a lackluster main roster run on SmackDown.

The entries for the Casino Battle Royal will be decided by drawing cards. The participants will enter in a group of 5 depending on the suite of the card they would draw while the person with the Joker card will enter last. In the video below, Spears was dealt with his card, a ten of Diamonds(in line with his ‘perfect ten’ gimmick) for the match and responded, “When the odds are stacked, always bet on you.”

Double or Nothing will air on B/R Live and traditional PPV in the US for $49.99 at 8 pm ET this Saturday. The Buy In pre-show will stream for free on All Elite Wrestling’s YouTube channel. You can catch up with all the information, news and updates for Double or Nothing, you can follow this link.

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