Seth Rollins beat Sami Zayn as Brock Lesnar drama continues

Seth Rollins managed to get the win vs Sami Zayn on RAW 27 May episode as the threat of Brock Lesnar’s MITB cash in looms over him.

Seth Rollins RAW 27 May 2019

Brock Lesnar entered the Money in the Bank Ladder match as the eight participants after attacking Sami Zayn and won the briefcase. Last week, Lesnar and Heyman decided that they will announce the Money in the Bank briefcase cash-in at this week’s RAW episode. But just like last week, Brock Lesnar teased to cash in the Money in the Bank briefcase but decided against it coming to know that he can use the briefcase anytime in next one year.

In a new segment introduced by WWE called the Electric Chair, Sami Zayn took the question from the fans in the audience for tonight’s show. The segment gave us another moment on the episode when Zayn name dropped AEW. But the segment ultimately headed to Universal Championship being mentioned and Seth Rollins coming out for a match against Sami Zayn.

Rollins and Zayn worked a fine match which was expectedly won by Rollins. But he continued to sell his knee injury which kept the suspense whether Lesnar could still come out to cash in the MITB briefcase. The drama is expected to continue for some time as Rollins will now face Baron Corbin at WWE Super Showdown 2019 show in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

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