Seth Rollins Offered NXT by Triple H, NXT Invasion Continues

Seth Rollins with Triple H
Seth Rollins with Triple H

Seth Rollins was offered a chance from Triple H to join NXT at Monday Night RAW episode of 4 November 2019 after he expressed that he does not know his next step in his career.

Seth Rollins had an eventful Monday Night RAW this week starting with a backstage meeting with talent after Saudi Arabia travel fiasco. Rollins started his promo by addressing his Universal Championship loss to the Fiend. Rollins said he knew some fans wanted him to lose to The Fiend at Crown Jewel 2019 but he didn’t give a damn.

But Rollins gives a damn about the fact that Brock Lesnar is back at the top of RAW with WWE Championship. Seth then pointed out how he spent last year to free RAW from Brock Lesnar so that he can give the opportunity to the guys like AJ Styles, Braun Strowman and even Baron Corbin. But, all that work is wasted now and after a long time, he does not know what is next for him.

At this point, Triple H came out and told Rollins how Rollins’ career, including winning the NXT title, forming The Shield, and becoming WWE Champion, all under Triple H’s watch. They argued over how they actually mutually benefitted from those angles. But during this promo, Triple H was trying for Rollins to join him in NXT.

Before anything more could happen, The Undisputed Era and The OC came out to brawl. Other members of the NXT and Raw roster also joined the brawl while Rollins just stood in the ring. Backstage, Rollins caught Triple H and demanded an NXT Championship match with Adam Cole tonight on Raw.

Just like his match Daniel Bryan, Adam Cole once again put on an excellent match against Seth Rollins. But this time it looked like Cole will not survive this match as the champion and even Triple H was worried at the ringside. As Rollins looked for the finisher, the Undisputed ERA attacked him to cause a disqualification.

The Raw locker room would hit the ring along with more NXT stars. The brawl continued for a while, until Ricochet and then Keith Lee took everyone down with suicide dives.

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