WWE SmackDown Live Results and Updates- 30 April 2019

Becky Lynch vs Bayley, Becky Lynch vs Bayley SmackDown 30 April 2019,
Becky Lynch vs Bayley SmackDown on 30 April 2019

SmackDown will be live from Schottenstein Center in Columbus, Ohio on 30 April 2019. You can check the preview for this episode here. Please keep refreshing the page for the latest updates.

#1 Kofi addresses KO’s betrayal

Michael Cole announces Kofi Kingston to open the show. He asks Kofi whether he thought that he would win the title at WrestleMania. Kofi replies he always believed in fighting through and getting the opportunity for the WWE Championship. He thanks his New Day brothers, and says they made the impossible possible. Cole labeled Kofi’s WrestleMania win as the ‘Greatest WrestleMania Moment.’ Finally, Cole addresses the Elephant in the room by mentioning that Kevin Owens has taken the first shot.

Kofi says they believe in people as the New Day and they genuinely believe Kevin Owens could change. Kofi puts out the challenge to KO for the WWE Championship at MITB. KO enters, stands at the entrance and accepts Kofi’s challenge. Then, he says that Kofi’s win is the greatest WrestleMania moment and all but Kofi is not championship material. Xavier Woods attacks KO from behind but KO hits him with the superkick. KO leaves until Kofi runs to the ramp to check on Woods.

Kofi tells Woods backstage that he should take care of himself as he is not fit and he will handle other things meanwhile.
Bayley is announced for the Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match as she awaits Becky to enter. Becky Lynch enters to a huge pop.

#2 Becky Lynch vs Bayley

Hip toss by Becky to start the match followed by a shoulder tackle. She sends Bayley outside the ring but Bayley hangs her up on the ring rope as she gets back in. Becky hits a flying tackle before hitting Bayley with a forearm as we head to the break.

Becky tries to lock in the Dis-Arm-Her as we return from the break. Bayley tries a quick roll-up cover but Becky kicks out. Bayley nails a lariat then a knee to the face. The Hugger lands multiple punches while she is at the apron. Becky fights her at the apron and hits the elbow from the top. She follows it up with European uppercuts and hits the Bexploder. Both women are down after double clothesline. Bayley tries a quick roll-up cover but Becky kicks out. Bayley hits the belly to belly suplex and hits the splash off the top. But Becky counters it to the Dis-Arm-Her and gets the submission.

Winner- Becky Lynch with a submission
As soon as the match is over, Charlotte Flair runs into the ring and nails a big boot on Becky.

#3 The Hardy Boyz address Jeff’s injury

Kayla Braxton asks Jeff that he is clearly injured but the extent of his injury is not known. Jeff takes us to a video featuring Lars Sullivan attacking him. Jeff informs us that he will need to go through surgery due to the attack from Sullivan. Matt then tells that they have to relinquish the titles when Lars Sullivan enters. He comes into the ring and throws out Matt. Jeff(who is on crutches) is struggling to leave from the ring. Matt comes back into the ring but Sullivan flattens him out with the Freak Accident. R Truth appears into the ring and strikes Lars with the chair. Sullivan punches the chair and Truth gets the same treatment as Matt.

A recorded promo from Aleister Black where he talks about how fear is a powerful and paralyzing tool. It’s in man’s nature to fear what we don’t understand. Black says his opponents try to figure him out and by the time they think they have him figured out, the referee has already counted to 3 in his favor, and any hope of conquering that fear has simply left the Earth. His opponents take one look in his eyes and they don’t like the abyss staring back at them. Because it unveils the truth about themselves, a truth that allows them to fade to black.

Commentators announce the Men’s Money in the Banks match participants from SmackDown. And they are Mustafa Ali, Finn Balor, Andrade, and Randy Orton.

#4 Kairi Sane and Asuka vs Enhancement Talents – Tag Team Match

The IIconics are on the commentary for this match. The tall opponent challenges Sane to a test of strength, but her hand is too high for Kairi to reach. Sane kicks her to take control right away. The enhancement talents try to get in a few shots but Asuka easily puts them down with some vicious strikes while The IIconics mock them on commentary. Sane and Asuka hit a few double team combos before The Pirate Princess hits the InSane Elbow for the pin and the win.
Winners- Kairi Sane and Asuka with a pinfall.

Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose are backstage. Rose says just one of them will be allowed in the women’s MITB Ladder Match. They both decide that Mandy is going to be the one. And surprisingly, they seem to be on the same page.

#5 Roman Reigns and Shane McMahon promo!

Roman Reigns is out after the break to talk about what happened with Shane McMahon and Elias on his first night on SmackDown. Roman says it wasn’t his plan to attack Mr. McMahon on SmackDown Live but he wanted to send a message across and would have attacked anyone. Shane McMahon interrupts Reigns and reminds him that McMahon family owns all the land. Reigns retorts by saying it’s Vince McMahon who owns the land and reminds him how he attacked him. Reigns challenges Shane to come to the ring but Shane replies that he has to get in shape for his Steel Cage match at Money in the Bank. Shane says that there are many Superstars in the back waiting to face Reigns and calls out the B-Team. Shane also announces the special referee for the match and it is Elias.

#6 Roman Reigns vs The B-Team – Handicapped Match

Axel provides a distraction and Dallas puts Reigns in a headlock to take him down to the mat. Roman breaks the hold and Dallas ends up tripping into the middle rope. Axel distracts Reigns again so Dallas can attack him from behind. Axel hits a DDT for a quick two count. Bo is Samoan dropped by Roman for a near fall. Elias gets on the apron and Axel is able to take advantage with a clothesline.

Dallas keeping Reigns down with a rear chin-lock. Roman fights to his feet and takes down Dallas with a big right hand out of desperation. Reigns hit a Samoan drop and a DDT to both men at the same time. He lines up for the Superman Punch and knocks Dallas off the apron. After kicking out of a roll-up from Axel, Roman hits another Superman Punch when Elias pulls the ref out of the ring to prevent the pin.

Roman hits Dallas with the drive-by dropkick and Elias nails him with a right hand. Axel hits a Perfectplex when Elias rolls him back in, but Roman kicks out at two. For some reason, Elias actually stops at two instead of just declaring The B-Team as the winners. He grabs his guitar but Reigns hits him with a Superman Punch. Axel is hit with a Spear and the ref makes the count to give Reigns the win.
Winner- Roman Reigns with a pinfall

#7 Women’s MITB Match Participants

Sarah Schreiber is backstage with the final two women’s MITB Ladder Match participants. She introduces Ember Moon first. Moon has had some success but she’s yet to make a name for herself. And that changes as she will have the opportunity at Money In the Bank. Carmella interrupts by saying she won the first, and technically the second, MITB Ladder Match for women. She says this match changes lives and she’s not afraid to do what it takes to win. She goes on about making her last cash-in count and will prove to everyone once again why Mella Is Money.

We get the replay of Bray Wyatt’s Firefly Fun House episode 2 from last night. The participants for the next match are entering one by one- Ali, Balor, Orton, and Andrade.

#8 Finn Balor and (Mustafa) Ali vs Randy Orton and Andrade – Tag Team Match

Ali and Orton lockdown to start the match. Orton takes Ali to the corner where Ali strikes a back elbow to Andrade and avoids the advancing Orton to hit an overhead kick from the apron. He also fights out Andrade there. But as he was going for the springboard, Orton pushes him and he lands on the floor.

As we return from the break, Orton restricts Ali from tagging Balor. Orton gets a near fall on Ali with a power-slam. Ali hits a dropkick to give himself a chance to make the tag. Balor and Andrade both get the tag and the IC champion starts running wild. He takes a few shots at Orton on the apron while running through some of his signatures moves on Andrade. He sends El Idolo out of the ring so he and Ali can hit tandem suicide dives on opposite sides of the ring. Vega helps Andrade take control. A few counters from both men leads to Ali tagging in and hitting the 450 for the pin.
Winners- Finn Balor and Ali with a pinfall

After the bell, Orton hits Balor with an RKO out of nowhere. Ali sends Orton out of the ring with a superkick.

#9 The KO Show with action figures!

Owens once again says that at Money in the Bank, he will relieve Kofi Kingston of the burden of being the WWE Champion. Owens asks Xavier Woods to come to the ring, but there’s no sign of him. As Woods did not come out, Owens pulls out an action figure. He also has one for Big E with some tape around his leg. He makes a few jokes before kicking over the chair with the figures. Kofi Kingston arrives at the ring and the two attack each other. Kofi gets the upper hand as they take the fight out of the ring. He throws KO over the announce table and slams a desk chair on top of him. KO pokes in his eyes and runs away in the crowd. Kofi stands tall in the ring to end the show.

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