WWE SmackDown Live Results and Updates- 23 April 2019

SmackDown will be live from Pinnacle Bank Arena, Lincoln on 23 April 2019. The major storyline after the Superstar Shakeup is going to be the Roman Reigns vs Authority with Elias in the mix while another Becky-Charlotte Faceoff is advertised. Let’s see how this goes. We will start posting updates as the show starts. Until then, you can check out the preview here. Please keep refreshing the page for the latest updates.

#1 Will Roman be Fired?

Shane McMahon opens the show and tells Greg Hamilton that he does not have much time today, so get his introduction done in the first try. He then says that today is not about him, it’s about Roman Reigns and what he did to his father before taking us to the replay. He then ironically says that what kind of person hits another person’s father like that. His father is a national treasure and he kept thinking about whether to suspend Roman and fire him for his actions. But he decides to settle it in the ring. He calls out Roman and outcomes Roman. Roman comes into the ring and they stand face to face, staring at each other with mics in their hands. Roman throws away the mic and Shane follows. Elias attacks Roman from behind but Roman fends him off. Shane takes advantage and starts unloading on Roman in the corner. Roman turns the table and strikes a few punches on Shane until Elias again came from behind as Shane and he combine to control Roman and keeps punishing him. Roman tries to fight out but they are proving too much for him. Elias hits the drift away before he and Shane run away from the ring. Roman gets up and stares at them.

Kofi is with Kayla Braxton backstage where he says being WWE champion feels so good. Xavier Woods and Big ‘O’ join him and KO does the ‘New Day Rocks!’ chant to go along with the clapping.

#2 Finn Balor vs Andrade(w/ Zelina Vega)

Andrade unloads on Balor in the corner before Balor does the same. Balor was dragging him back to the center when Zelina Vega distracts. Andrade takes advantage to kick Balor in the face and sends him out with a tackle before hitting a suicide dive on him.

Andrade with a shoulder stretch but Balor reverses the powerbomb into a DDT. Balor hits the double leg stomp and goes to the top. Andrade meets him there and Balor hits a sunset flip off the top. Balor clotheslines Andrade out of the ring and hits a plancha at the ringside. Back into the ring, Andrade hits a big boot and sends Balor crashing into the turnbuckle. He was going for the hammerlock DDT but Balor counters with a neck-breaker. As he was going to the top rope but Vega tries to hit him with the Crossbody splash from there. Balor ducks him and Andrade catch her. This gives time for Balor to hit the running dropkick and then the Coup De’ Grace to get the win.
Winner- Finn Balor with a submission

Elias was singing backstage where he challenged Roman Reigns for Money in the Banks match. Shane interrupts him and asks him if he is ready for Roman Reigns at Money in the Bank. They are best buddies now and leave in Shane’s limo after this.

#3 Kairi Sane(w/ Asuka and Paige) vs Peyton Royce(w/ Billie Kay)

Mandy Rose and Sonya Paige were telling Paige backstage that when Asuka and Kairi Sane experiment blows up in her face, she better not come running back to them. The IIconics also cut their promo while mocking Paige for bringing in superlimos instead of superheroes. They put Peyton getting pin last week down to her being dehydrated but she has drunk a gallon of water today and is ready.

Sane twists her arm to start the match and Royce replies with a back elbow. Royce runs her to the corner and unloads with kicks. Sane hits the dragon screw and hits the interceptor spear. She follows it up with the sliding elbow before finishing it off with the InSane elbow to get a quick win.

Winner- Kairi Sane with a pinfall

Mandy and Sonya appear at the entrance after the match to stare down at Paige and her team.

Aleister Black gets a video promo to start his singles push.

#4 Sullivan attacks!

Jinder Mahal along with Singh brothers has come out to face Chad Gable. As Gable was entering, Lars Sullivan attacks him from behind and plants him at the ringside. Jinder runs away from the ring as Sullivan enter the ring. He catches the Singh Brothers and hits the Freak Accident on them one by one. R Truth enters in a very angry mood and hits some elbow strikes on Sullivan before Sullivan catches his legs, picks him up and slams him. He hits the Freak Accident again on Truth before leaving.

Kayla Braxton asks Roman Reigns backstage if Roman accepts Elias’ challenge for the match at the Money in the Banks. Roman accepts the challenge.

#5 The Man, the Queen and the Hugger

Flair takes the mic and starts by referring to WrestleMania and at the Main Event, three of the best in the business went head to head. Charlotte then asks since she was neither pinned nor submitted then why Becky thinks herself as the rightful champion.

Becky enters to another huge pop and takes the mic amid the ‘Becky!’ chants. She asks Charlotte if she does not understands what Winner Takes All means. And she beat Ronda who Charlotte could not beat. Flair replies that only injustice here is Becky having the Smackdown Women’s Title without pinning her. Flair also says that she is residing in Becky’s head since she could not stop referring to her every time she mentions Lacey Evans.

Becky replies to it by saying that Charlotte is on the worst run since she is in her head and that she is tired of beating her again and again. Charlotte says she is next in line after Lacey Evans but Becky thinks she should make way for the likes of Bayley, Mickie James and other. Flair dismisses that and Bayley enters to the scene. Bayley tells Becky that she might have beaten Charlotte many times but she has not beaten her ever. Charlotte tells her to get in line as this is still her show and puts her hands over Bayley’s shoulder. Bayley removes her hand in anger and challenges Charlotte for a match right away. This was a give away ever since Charlotte came out in her ring gear.

#5 Charlotte Flair vs Bayley – Winner to get a future title shot against Becky Lynch

They lock down and Flair pushes Bayley to the corner. Bayley strikes her with an elbow, sends her to the apron and hits stunner at the ropes. A sliding dropkick from under the ropes is followed by a crossbody splash for a near fall. Bayley then hits a clothesline and Charlotte hits the neck-breaker to come back into the match and thrashes Bayley face first into the top turnbuckle. Bayley rolls up Charlotte for a near fall and hits another crossbody followed by a couple of elbows. Charlotte moves away on the third attempt which sends Bayley to the turnbuckle. Charlotte hits her knees on Bayley’s legs to start preparing for the figure four.

Charlotte was getting ready for the figure four bit Bayley kicks her into the face. Charlotte is thrown to the apron and nails Charlotte with a knee to the face. Bayley’s side slam attempt is avoided and Charlotte hits a big boot. Bayley avoids the moonsault for the top and hits a belly to back suplex for a near fall. A sunset flip gets her another near fall. Flair trips Bayley on the top and brings her down to hit a spear to get the pin.

Winner- Charlotte Flair with a pinfall

Bray Wyatt’s Firefly Fun House promo is shown again and the live audience is hooked to it.

#6 Kofi Kingston(w/ Kevin Owens and Xavier Woods) vs Shinsuke Nakamura(w/ Rusev and Lana)

KO does the entrance announcement for the New Day. Rusev and Lana are at the ringside while KO and Woods join the commentary team. Kofi and Shinsuke start the match with a lock up. Nakamura hits a knee to the body to take control. Kingston sends Nakamura out of the ring and feints a dive. Kofi avoids a knee drop from Nakamura and nails him with a running knee. This is followed by a Vader bomb for a two count. Nakamira puts him in an armbar and transitions into a arm triangle. Kofi turns it into a pin attempt. Kofi hits a splash on Nakamura’s back before sending him to the floor with a dropkick. Nakamura cuts off his a suicide dive with a knee. We cut to a break.

As we return from the break, Nakamura has Kofi on the mat in a front chancery. Nakamura hits a series of kicks to keep Kofi under control. Kofi lands on his feet as he counters a monkey flip. Kofi unloads with chops and a dropkick. Nakamura comes back with some shots of him own before he hits a sliding German suplex. Kfi counters Kinshasa with a stomp. Nakamura avoids Trouble in Paradise but Kofi hits SOS. Rusev breaks the pin to cause a DQ.

Winner- Kofi Kingston with a disqualification

Woods and KO come in to save Kofi from the post-match assault. Woods takes care of Rusev and Nakamura lands a Kinshasa on him. Kofi then pushes aside Owens as Nakamura was to attack him. Owens takes Nakamura down before he superkicks Kofi to turn heel on him. That was quick. Owens rips his New Day shirt to show his KO shirt. Owens takes Kofi’s WWE title belt and shows it to Kofi and tells him “he’s coming for this”. Kofi tries to fight back but Owens lands multiple kicks to keep him down. KO was getting ready for the powerbomb on the apron when Xavier Woods comes to the aid of Kofi. But Owens lands a clothesline on him and then a powerbomb onto the apron.

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