WWE SmackDown Live Results and Updates- 19 March 2019

Kofi Kingston Gauntlet Match, Kofi Kingston WrestleMania 35
Kofi Kingston to face Randy Orton, Samoa Joe, the Bar and Rowan in a Gauntlet match on SmackDown

SmackDown will be live tonight from Bankers Life Fieldhouse, Indianapolis. Most of the matches from the SmackDown side are yet to be announced. This could change tonight as Kofi will get the WWE Championship match if wins the Gauntlet. Apart from that, the Miz is announced to respond to Shane McMahon and WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Sasha Banks and Bayley will be visiting SD live. We will keep posting the updates and the results. Please keep refreshing the page for the latest info.

The commentators open the show taking us through the segments for today. Sasha and Bayley are going to be guests in Kevin Owens Show!

1. The Miz responds!

The Miz came out to the ring. He takes us to the recap from Shane’s speech last week. Miz says that he has sacrificed every single relationship in order to get to WrestleMania other than his wife and daughter. People warned him of Shane McMahon when he got into a tag team. Shane attacked him in front of his father but then he put his hands on his father. Shane was not born best in the world, he is a McMahon and he is the worst in the world. Shane might own this company and he does not own Miz and he does not own Kofi. Miz was not born rich but he has achieved so much by working hard. He has earned everything he has now including his father’s respect. ‘You deserve it!’ chants started. He ended the segment by saying Shane will see him at WrestleMania.

2. Sasha Banks and Bayley vs the IIconics – Tag Team Match

Sasha and Bayley make their way to the ring for the KO show. The IIconics also came out behind them. Peyton and Billie start but Peyton is tagged in. Bayley sends her out with a clothesline and brings in Sasha for a double team attack. Billie is also tagged back in. Sasha hits some blows and tags in Bayley. Bayley hits a clothesline when Lacey Evans came out for her ramp walk. The distraction has allowed the IIconics to take advantage. Why have not people left Evans to take seriously by now?
Back from the break, Peyton is using ropes for a submission maneuver. Key is tagged in and Bayley hits a stunner and Sasha and Royce gets the hot tag. Sasha takes Royce down with some clotheslines and puts her in the corner to hit her with a crossbody. Key breaks the pin and Sasha tries to fend her off. Bayley also comes at the outside of the ring to help her out but is taken down by a clothesline from Key. Royce rolls Sasha and Key helps her to get the pin.
Winner- the IIconics

Rey Mysterio is with Charlie Caruso backstage, has some news to share. He calls on his son and announces that he will face Samoa Joe for United States title at WrestleMania. Caruso asks Rey’s son if he is afraid that he will be taking on Samoa Joe. He replies by calling Joe a bully and that he will be at WrestleMania to watch his father win.
Kevin Owens makes his way to the ring as we head to break.

3. Kevin Owens Show with the Man and the Queen!

Kevin Owens welcomes to his new and improved show. He has a feeling that this show will get more bumps today. He calls WM as the KOMania but this year is all about Kofi. He then calls upon Becky Lynch. Becky is still hobbling a bit when she makes her way to the ring to a loud ovation. After that, KO calls out Charlotte Flair. Becky chants are going on! KO starts by telling that friend can get under our skins. He then reads out the statements from Ronda that she has made regarding Becky and Charlotte. KO says that nobody wants to see three of them talk but fight. Charlotte takes the mic and tells us that she will beat the hell out of Becky. Before they would start the brawl, KO asks for some time to move away from the ring. As soon as KO gets out, Charlotte takes Becky down as the brawl starts. Brawl moves out of the ring as some referees and security personnel. Becky even slams some of the security against the barricade. They go on to brawl for sometime before being separated.

Caruso with AJ Styles backstage. She asks whether Randy Orton has an advantage going into the WrestleMania match. He admits that Orton is built for WWE, but Styles has come a long way since joining the company. Styles vows to tear the house down at WrestleMania. He also wishes Kofi luck.

4. Daniel Bryan cuts a promo!

Daniel Bryan and Rowan comes out for a promo. Bryan starts by saying that Kofi being in the Gauntlet match is an injustice because he does not deserve to be given the opportunity at all. Kofi was a replacement for Mustafa Ali at last Gauntlet Match and Elimination Chamber. But he lost at both opportunities because he is not special, he is a B+ player. When Mr. McMahon gave him the opportunity at Fastlane, he lost again. The New Day come out for Kofi’s Gauntlet match and Bryan and Rowan leaves.

5. Kofi Kingston vs Sheamus – Gauntlet Match- Part 1

Kofi’s first competitor is Sheamus. They lock in, gets in the corner. Kofi dodges a clothesline. Sheamus gets the first shot with a kick in the mid-section. Sheamus locks with the chin lock, Kofi tries to fight out of it. Kofi hits a kick and reverses an arm drag. He avoids Sheamus at the corner and hits an arm drag and locks Sheamus in arm stretch, sends him outside with a back body drop and hits a plancha on the outside. As Kofi tries to get inside the ring, Sheamus hits a knee in the midsection at the apron. Inside the ring, Kofi counters with an enziguri. Sheamus takes him down at the rope, distracts the referee for Cesaro to take a cheap shot at Kofi. Sheamus keeps control on as we head to break.
Kofi hits a series of chops and a clothesline followed by a stomp. He goes for the trouble in paradise but Sheamus avoids. Kofi hits a crossbody to get two counts. Sheamus with a cheap shot and a backbreaker and puts Kofi in the Cloverleaf. Kofi counters with the roll up to get another two count. Sheamus hits a knee as both guys are down. Kofi avoids the Brogue Kick and hits trouble in paradise to eliminate Sheamus. Sheamus is eliminated.

6. Kofi Kingston vs Cesaro- Gauntlet Match- Part 2

Cesaro quickly comes into the ring and hits an uppercut. He keeps Kofi down with a unique submission until Kingston kicks him away. Cesaro catches Kofi in a springboard and hits a backbreaker. Cesaro again puts him in the submission. Kofi hits some punches and but Cesaro brings out the swing and puts him in the Cloverleaf again. Kofi tries to reach the ropes when Cesaro has to change his move and hit a suplex. Cesaro again tries to go for the Cloverleaf but puts him some other move. Cesaro avoids the Back body drop but eats the SOS to get eliminated. Cesaro is eliminated.

7. Kofi Kingston vs Rowan- Gauntlet Match- Part 3

Rowan is next. Rowan with a big chop and a body splash in the corner. He throws Kofi outside and hits a running clothesline. After sending Kofi into the ring post, Rowan sends him into the barricade. He then hits Kofi with a chair to get eliminated himself with a disqualification. Rowan is eliminated. He continues to take out punishment on Kofi though, sends him into the timekeeper’s area and puts him through the announce table.
The number of superstars watching the match at the LED backstage is increasing.

8. Kofi Kingston vs Samoa Joe- Gauntlet Match- Part 4

Joe hits him with a hip after the lariat and continues with some punches in the corner. After a big chop and a kick in the midsection from Joe, Kofi hits some punches but Joe hits another body splash to regain control. Joe then puts him in a chin lock. Kofi fights out but Joe turns him inside out with a huge clothesline to get a near fall. Another chin lock, Kofi counters, Coquina Clutch but another counter by Kofi. Kofi goes for the forearm but eats a Rockbottom. Joe was going for his finisher but Kofi counters and rolls him up for elimination. Samoa Joe is eliminated.
Joe has put Kofi in the Coquina clutch to pass him out. Officials separate them and many more superstars cheer for him backstage.

9. Kofi Kingston vs Randy Orton- Gauntlet Match- Part 5

Orton smashes Kofi’s face into the barricade ringside before Kofi counters to send him into the steel steps. Back in the ring, Orton starts focusing on Kofi’s legs before putting him in the chin lock for a long time. Kofi tries to fight out of it but Orton is a veteran now. Kofi finally gets out with some punches and hits the double hand chops. Orton avoids a dropkick and kicks Kofi for a couple of times. He then takes him into the corner to hit some more punches. Kofi avoids the RKO and connects the dropkick. Kofi goes to cover but Orton moves outside the ring. Orton has put Kofi on the turnbuckle and tries to go for the superplex. Kofi hits some punches to avoid it and hits a crossbody off the top. Orton counters the crossbody with a roll up to get another near fall. Orton tried to hit the DDT when Kofi rolled him up to win the match.
Winner- Kofi Kingston with a pinfall

Big E and Xavier Woods come out to celebrate with Kofi. Vince McMahon also comes out to congratulate Kofi but he says he can go to WrestleMania if he can beat one more man. He asks Big E and Woods to move out of the ring. Daniel Bryan comes out for the match against Kofi.

10. Kofi Kingston vs Daniel Bryan

He puts Kofi in the corner right away and hits some Yes! kicks. Bryan hits a belly to back superplex but Kofi kicks out again. Bryan puts him in the Labell Lock. Kofi breaks the hold by reaching the ropes. Some more kicks from Bryan before Kofi connects the SOS to get the near fall. Bryan connects some more kicks and a dropkick. Kofi tries to go for the crossbody but Kofi avoids it. Bryan finally hits the running knee to get the pin.
Winner- Daniel Bryan

Big E and Woods again come out to check on Kofi as Bryan celebrates to end the show.

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