SmackDown Preview- 2 April 2019: Kofi demands Contract Signing

SmackDown will be live on 2 April 2019 from Royal Farms Arena, Baltimore with just 5 days to go for WrestleMania. Below segments are announced for the episode:

Contract Signing for WWE Championship WrestleMania Match

After weeks of drama, Kofi Kingston got the confirmation last week for the WWE Championship match at WrestleMania. But he is not sure that Mr. McMahon would honor his words and he has demanded a contract to be signed formally. WWE has agreed to his request and the contract signing segment will take place at SmackDown. Obviously a customary brawl will follow after a promo.

Rey Mysterio vs Andrade

Rey Mysterio vs Andrade
Rey Mysterio and Andrade will go face to face again at SmackDown this week

After facing Kurt Angle on Monday, Rey Mysterio will have to do double duty this week as he will go one on one with his recent rival, Andrade. At one point they were going towards a WrestleMania match, but while Mysterio is facing Samoa Joe at Mania, Andrade will be heading to Battle Royal. Although, with Samoa Joe lurking, don’t expect the match to reach the conclusion though. And will Dominic feature again at SmackDown?

Kevin Owens Show with AJ Styles and Randy Orton

In the last Kevin Owens Show segment, KO called upon Becky and Charlotte and asked them to fight. This week, he will host the WrestleMania opponents AJ Styles and Randy Orton. Will we get a similar brawl from these two also?

What more to expect?

  • Build up for other matches for WrestleMania
  • SmackDown Tag Team Championship match announcement

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