Sasha Banks also influencing Bayley to act up and other notes

Sasha Banks and Bayley Women's Tag Team title poster
Sasha Banks and Bayley Women’s Tag Team title photoshoot

Sasha Banks has been the hot topic in the wrestling world since WrestleMania when she apparently tried to quit from WWE. It is reported since then that WWE has given her a couple of weeks to think about her decision. She has missed WWE TV in the last two weeks and there is no clear news when she will return.

Below are the things reported regarding the matter in last two days:

  • Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio is reporting that she is expected to work next PPV event which is Money in the Bank on 19th May.
  • Sasha was not only upset regarding losing the Women’s Tag Team Titles but she also did not want to split with Bayley who is now drafted to SmackDown roster.
  • Brad Shephard reported that Vince McMahon has made it clear that Sasha is loved and appreciated but no one is going to kiss her ass. He has also assured that things would definitely get better for Sasha going forward though.
  • One more big piece of new that Brad Shephard reported is that Sasha influencing Bayley to act up after WrestleMania was the indication that how bad situation has become.

In the current situation, WWE definitely has the upper hand if they want to keep Sasha with the company as she is reported to be in contract beyond 2020. With most of the fans giving her stick over social media, Sasha is not coming out of this that good.

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