Sasha Banks Suffers Back Injury, Bray Wyatt Injury Update

Sasha Banks Returned to Monday Night RAW episode of 12 August 2019
Sasha Banks has reportedly suffered a back injury

Sasha Banks and “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt have reportedly suffered injuries during their matches at WWE Hell In a Cell 2019 PPV show.

Sasha Banks lost the RAW Women’s Championship match against Becky Lynch inside Hell in a Cell structure. This was also the opening match of Hell in a Cell 2019 PPV. Bray Wyatt faced WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins later in the night in the main event match. That match was ended by the referee stoppage in a controversial fashion.

Both Sasha Banks and Bray Wyatt were absent from RAW episode this week. Later, John Pollock of POST Wrestling reports that Banks and Wyatt were actually not medically cleared to compete. However, Bray Wyatt returned to action after RAW went off-air when the Fiend attacked Cesaro. Dave Meltzer, on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, confirmed that Wyatt’s injury was not that serious.

However, the details around Sasha Banks’ injury are scarce. PWInsider reported that Banks has suffered a back injury but the magnitude of the injury is not clear. There is also no timetable for her return. Some more reports came out which said that Banks actually suffered a concussion.

Dave Meltzer also commented that Banks’ injury situation is a bit vague. WWE is keeping quiet about her injury, and it’s not known when she will return to action. Apparently, its Banks herself who does not want the injury to become public. But the news coming from her circle is that it’s not a concussion.

Sasha Banks has recently returned to WWE TV after being on a hiatus for around months. Despite losing the title opportunities, she has been carrying good momentum with the fans. It will be a big blow to her at this point if she would be required to take time off.


  1. For all the money that they get paid to take and ask kicking and dish one out They will end up paying for these injuries much later on down the road and I do mean the women or the guys although wrestling is really cool they get paid millions of dollars millions of dollars won’t put your body back the way it was I hope they enjoy it now don’t pay for it later

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