Ronda Rousey digs into her heel character

On the road to WrestleMania 35, the feud between Ronda Rousey and Becky Lynch is breaking the kayfabe over the social media where Ronda has called out Becky for fake injury, fake finishing move, fake mugshots…. Basically, she has calling pro wrestling fake. And now she has claimed that she went off script on this week’s RAW and the act was not a promo.

Before venting out her frustration on LA crowd, she went on say:
“I’m not going out there and doing their f–king act anymore. I’m going out there and doing whatever the hell I want. And they can explain it however they want, but … f–k em. Everybody. WWE Universe included. I meant that. I’m going to disrespect the sport that they all love so much. ‘Ohhhh don’t break kayfabe, Ronda!’ Wrestling is scripted. It’s made up. It’s not real. None of those bitches can f–king touch me. The end.”

You can catch the video below:

But on the contrary this part may again be scripted, just to enhance her heel character. The lines between what is kayfabe and what is not, are getting virtually thin in some of the feuds in WWE. Triple H, in his promo this week on RAW, also consistently called Ric Flair and Bautista by their real names quite a few times.

Rousey also seemed vivsibly upset with Lynch’s comments on her husband. “Rebecca Quinn talked s–t about my husband, and I told her I’d beat the f–k out of her next time I saw her,” she said. “And guess what—I beat the f–k out of her, didn’t I?”