Ronda and husband Travis Browne assault Dana Brooke and WWE Officials

It seems like Ronda Rousey wants to live up to her tag as the Baddest Women on the planet. After being fined for punching a referee last week, she has again gone on to do the same thing at her match against Dana Brooke. Her husband Travis Browne also took down security personnel in order to protect Ronda.

As Dana Brooke came out last week to stand up to Ronda calling wrestling fake, she challenged Ronda for the RAW Women’s Championship title. Ronda replied with an attack on Brooke and when some referees tried to get them separated, she punched one of them. WWE issued a fine with an undisclosed amount to Ronda. This week, referees arranged some security if Ronda, who entered tonight’s show with her husband Travis Browne, goes on her wild streak again.

Ronda defended her title against Dana Brooke but the match got finished in under a minute after Brooke submitted to Ronda’s armbar. But even after getting the victory, Ronda refused to let go of Brooke’s arm. When the referees asked her to leave, Ronda pushed one of the referees which brought on the security team from the backstage. Ronda did not stop at that also and took down one of the security personals. Her husband Travis Browns, who was in the crowd all along, also hit another security personnel with a forearm as he tried to control Ronda before they both left through the crowd.

Ever since she has turned heel, Ronda has called out on pro-wrestling being fake and has turned on fans for not supporting her ever since she got involved in the storyline with Becky Lynch. Ronda will now face Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania this year will take place at Met Life Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey on 7 April. For the updated match card from WrestleMania, please click here.

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