HIAC 2019: Roman Reigns & Daniel Bryan Take Down Bludgeon Brothers

Roman Reigns & Daniel Bryan Defeats Erick Rowan & Luke Harper Hell In a Cell 2019
Roman Reigns & Daniel Bryan Defeats Erick Rowan & Luke Harper at Hell In a Cell 2019

Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan have successfully defeated the Bludgeon Brothers’ duo of Erick Rowan and Luke Harper at Hell in a Cell 2019 show.

After a month-long storyline revolving around the attempted murder of Roman Reigns, it was revealed that Erick Rowan went into business for himself. He also made Bryan believe that he was innocent which led to their partnership being broken.

Rowan then faced Roman Reigns at Clash of Champions where Luke Harper returned to help him out to get the win. Rowan and Harper continued to torment Roman Reigns and then Daniel Bryan. After they fended off another assault from the Bludgeon Brothers, Bryan got Roman to partner and face them at Hell in a Cell.

The match was later announced to be a Tornado Tag match which allowed for the use of exterior environment and back and forth clashes. At times, the match spilled to the announcer’s table and Bludgeon Brothers even pluck apart some barricade to put to use.

Near the end, Bryan countered Harper using a scissor takedown from the announce table. Reigns took care of Rowan on the outside and finished off the match with a spear on Harper to get the pin.

After the match, Roman was looking to celebrate their success with a handshake with Bryan. But instead, Bryan used the moment to turn completely into a babyface and offered him a hug. After some push from the crowd with Yes! chants, Roman ended up hugging Bryan to end their old beef.

In a post-match interview with WWE.com, Roman was expressed his happiness to turn things around with Bryan.

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