Seth Rollins vs The Fiend Took Place at WWE Live Event in Calgary

Seth Rollins vs Bray Wyatt ( The Fiend ) WWE Universal Championship at Hell in a Cell 2019
Seth Rollins vs Bray Wyatt ( The Fiend ) WWE Universal Championship at Hell in a Cell 2019

Seth Rollins is set to defend the WWE Universal Championship vs the Fiend Bray Wyatt at Hell in a Cell 2019 show on 6 October. But WWE is already running the same matc in some of the live events. One of those shows was at Calgary in Alberta, Canada. Below is the play by play account of the match as per CageSideSeats and also catch the video below:

  • After Seth Rollins makes his entrance, Firefly Fun House segment plays on the screen with Ramblin’ Rabbit warning Seth. Wyatt pushed the Rabbit under the table but tells Seth that the Fiend would tear him apart.
  • The Fiend makes his entrance and takes his sweet time. He is holding a normal lantern and the severed head lantern from SummerSlam.
  • As the match starts, the lights go out and Fiend appears behind Rollins. After some moves, the Fiend throws Seth over the ropes. They both end up on the floor and the Fiend throws Rollins into barricades.
  • After more beatdown in the ring, Wyatt gets in the Sister Abigail position. Rollins counters and starts his comeback with an enziguri.
  • Rollins hits his share of superkicks and dives. But the Fiend gets up after a stomp. He counters the second Stomp and latches on the Mandible Claw. As the Fiend refuses to release Rollins from the Claw, he gets the disqualification.
  • After this, Bray plays to the crowd and then signals Seth to Stomp him again. After a stomp, the Fiend gets up again, only to take a Superkick and then two more Stomps.
  • As he does not gets up, Rollins calls for his belt. As he goes to check on the Fiend, he sits up and locks on the Claw again.
  • The lights go out and a focus light is on Rollins and the Fiend now. The Fiend holds Seth down until he stops thrashing and then leaves in the dark while his laughter plays on the loudspeakers.
  • After about a minute, the lights come back up and the referee is checking on Rollins. His music plays and he leaves. He is still looking around and is worried The Fiend might still be around.

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