Seth Rollins and AJ Styles hype their MITB match

As for building the hype towards Seth Rollins and AJ Styles clash at Money in the Bank(MITB) 2019, we only got some backstage promos.

Seth Rollins AJ Styles RAW 6 May 2019

Seth Rollins is set to defend his WWE Universal Championship Title against AJ Styles at Money in the Banks 2019 show this Sunday. Ever since the announcement, we have seen the mutual respect between them disappear slowly. The first moment of tension came after the contract signing two weeks ago where these two got involved in a brawl which ended with Styles sending Rollins through the table with the Phenomenal Forearm. Then last week, AJ Styles accidentally hit Rollins with the forearm again. Not only this but he also turned his back on him during their tag team match.

This week at RAW, first of all, we got a video package hyping their showdown at MITB. Then came the backstage interviews(promos) from both Styles and Rollins.

Styles’ MITB Hype Promo

In the interview, Sarah Schreiber told Styles that people are questioning his methods as of late. AJ replied that Baron Corbin was the target of his recent Phenomenal Forearm. But if Rollins or someone else disrespects him, he would fight.AJ went on to say this was Monday Night Rollins until he showed up. He came to WWE with a huge chip on his shoulder and it’s still there. It has got him the title shot on Sunday and he would walk into Money In the Bank as the challenger but he will leave with the Universal Title.

Rollins’ Counter Promo

In the counter interview, Seth Rollins said that it has become personal between him and Styles now. Rollins showed us footage from an NWA No Limits Wrestling show from 15 years ago when these two had a match. He then said that Sunday will be a statement match for him, not about proving anything to his friends or family, but about proving something to himself, the fans and AJ – that this is Rollins’ industry, his show and he is the backbone of the company. He did look up to AJ 15 years ago but when the dust settles on Sunday, AJ will be looking up at him.

Styles has not been working to full throttle ever since his WrestleMania injury. He has not been used at WWE’s European Tour at all until last night. Same might be the reason that WWE did not set up any action during the episode and only went with the promos in order for Styles to give time to recuperate properly before his Money in the Bank match against Rollins.

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