Ricochet Denies Rumors About Leaving WWE

Ricochet Wallpaper

WWE SuperStar Ricochet has refuted the rumor that he is leaving WWE soon via Twitter.

According to a tweet from WrestleVotes, a certain wrestler from WWE has decided that he will not be signing a contract with the company once their current contract expires. WrestleVotes mentioned that this WWE talent is waiting for their contract expiry with WWE and is ready to jump to any other promotion.

However, the Twitter handle did not reveal any particular name out of respect for the individual. This tweet came out on Monday. But on Thursday, suddenly Ricochet’s name came into this discussion with some website reporting that he is set to leave WWE.

Ricochet then came out and dismissed all those rumors. He posted a GIF on Twitter dismissing the chatter and wrote:

But seriously, where the hell did these rumors start? I’ve never said once that I am leaving. To anyone! So for these ‘dirt sheets’ out there. Maybe facts check before you just blast some trash on your website for some clicks?

Ricochet has been stuck in WWE RAW’s mid-card ever since losing the WWE United States Title at Extreme Rules last year. The high-flyer has every right to be pissed about not getting a significant push. But he has expressed that he wants to continue to be part of WWE Roster for now.

But the situation could also change quickly. With Ricochet’s contract reportedly expiring in at the start of 2021, if Ricochet does not see getting himself proper spot, the One and Only could well decide to leave after all.

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