Report: Undertaker to Appear on WWE NXT October 10, 2023

Undertaker in WWE

It has been reported that The Undertaker is set to appear on the October 10, 2023, episode of NXT.

According to PWInsider, The Undertaker is expected to be at the Performance Center in Orlando next week, which includes next Tuesday. While he hasn’t been officially promoted to NXT, there is a possibility that he may make an appearance on the show.

Undertaker’s appearance in Orlando is likely due to his routine visits to provide mentorship to the trainees at the Performance Center. It’s probable that this is the main reason for his visit. However, things got more interesting after NXT promo for next week.

When WWE aired an advertisement for this week’s upcoming episode of NXT on October 10, a distinctive sound closed the clip. The unique gong sound that is a trademark of the Undertaker’s gong can be detected at the conclusion of the promotional clip for the show.

If the Undertaker is scheduled to appear on the show, it may not be all that surprising, given that the October 10th episode of NXT is already packed with top-tier superstars like John Cena, Cody Rhodes, and Asuka.

WWE NXT episode on October 10, 2023, is set to compete directly with AEW Dynamite’s Title Tuesday edition. WWE is trying to get a new TV deal for NXT, and beating Dynamite this week will definitely boost NXT’s value.

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