Report on LA Knight’s Backstage Attitude & Vince Mcmahon’s Opinion

LA Knight WWE

In a short period of time, LA Knight has emerged as one of the most beloved and most over stars in WWE.

He has emerged as one of the top merchandise sellers this year, which clearly shows fan support behind him. There have been rumors about WWE noticing Knight’s popularity and being interested in pushing him for a while now.

Knight was one of the leading candidates for winning Money in the Bank briefcase this year, but that did not happen. A new report from Wade Keller of PWTorch might have the reason about why it did not happen.

Keller once again repeated that LA Knight had caught attention of both Vince McMahon and Paul Levesque(Triple H), and a huge push is coming for him in summer or later part this year. This is consistent with Levesque praising him in the post-show press conference of Money in the Bank and ensuring great things for Knight in future.

However, the reason we are yet to see any push for Knight is due to the fact that Knight has a long-running reputation for “rubbing people the wrong way” backstage. Keller described him at being “bad at backstage politics” and having a bad first impression.

The report adds that despite his average work in the ring, Knight is on course to get a push because of a special X-factor and his connection with the crowd. However, if his push isn’t sustained even with the fans behind him, it will likely be due to him mishandling himself backstage that caused him lose the “support of key people”.

This has already happened once as Vince replaced him with Maxxine Dupri as the manager of Maximum Male Models. However, Triple H came in charge just days after that and brought the LA Knight gimmick back.

Do you see LA Knight getting a strong push and becoming a main eventer in WWE? Tell us in comments.

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