Roman Reigns vs Shane McMahon announced for Super Showdown 2019

Shane McMahon has announced that he will face Roman Reigns at WWE’s Saudi Arabia show Super Showdown 2019.

Roman Reigns vs Shane McMahon Super ShowDown 2019, Super ShowDown Matches 2019
Roman Reigns vs Shane McMahon Super ShowDown 2019

The feud between the two started with Roman Reigns moving to SmackDown and decking Vince McMahon and Elias with Superman Punch. Shane joined with Elias and other heels started to attack Roman. Roman squashed Elias in an 11 seconds match at Money in the Bank while Shane got the win over the Miz in the steel cage match.

As Roman came out on RAW last night, he was soon interrupted by Shane who went on to rant about how Roman attacked his father. Roman replied why not he step inside the ring since he is already done with Elias. Shane teased going into the ring but instead brought out Drew McIntyre before announcing their match for Super Showdown.

Super Showdown is scheduled for 7 June with 5 matches already announced. For full information, news and updates of the show, you can follow this link.

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