Who Won Survivor Series 2020? RAW or SmackDown?

Who won more matches at Survivor Series 2020 when WWE’s both brands RAW and SmackDown- its champions, men and women’s teams go to battle? Find out here.

Survivor Series 2020 Winner

WWE’s red brand RAW continued their dominance in the Survivor Series by winning 4 out of 7 matches on tonight’s event.

Match 1 went to RAW: (pre-show) The Miz won the Dual Brand Battle Royal after last eliminating Dominik Mysterio.

Match 2 went to RAW: The men’s traditional Survivor Series tag team elimination match was won by RAW team with a complete sweep. RAW team was able to eliminate complete SmackDown team while none of the RAW team got eliminated.

Match 3 went to SmackDown: SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Street Profits defeated RAW SmackDown Tag Team Champions The New Day to open SmackDown’s account.

Match 4 went to RAW: United States Champion Bobby Lashley continued RAW’s dominance by beating Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn in an extended squash match.

Match 5 went to SmackDown: Recently crowned SmackDown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks continued her hot form as she defeated RAW Women’s Champion Asuka.

Match 6 went to RAW: The women’s team from both RAW and SmackDown brand fought hard in the traditional Survivor Series match. Lana remained the sole survivor of the match after Bianca Beliar and Nia Jax were counted out of the match.

Match 7 went to SmackDown: Universal Champion Roman Reigns managed to beat WWE Champion Drew McIntyre in a finish that saw the referee getting bumped and Roman Reigns resorting to a low blow.

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