WWE RAW Live Results and Updates- 17 June 2019

Both men make the tag and Kofi takes out Corbin with a springboard chop. Boom drop and other signature moves follow before he hits a high crossbody for two. Corbin accidentally hits Zayn with a clothesline and Owens hits him with a superkick. He and Zayn leave while Kingston hits Trouble in Paradise for the win. This is the second fall and New Day have won the match.

Alexa Bliss hands over a scroll to Nikki Cross. Nikki opens it and it reads that Bliss has secured a Women’s Tag Team Championship match against the IIconics for her and Nikki Cross. Bliss goes on and mentions her match with Bayley at WWE Stomping Grounds. Bliss also promises to make Cross a champion after their title shot later tonight.

Heyman is talking about ‘Balls’

Paul Heyman comes out and says that Rollins has no reason to beat him up because he is not going to be the Special Guest Referee. He repeats this for a few times and looks quite fearful of beaten down by Rollins. Heyman then goes on to insult LA crowd for handing down their ‘balls’ to Lebron James. And that Rollins has also exchanged his balls for a steel chair. Paul Heyman says that Brock Lesnar knows how to swing a chair as well as Seth Rollins can. He says that if Seth Rollins is vulnerable, maybe Brock Lesnar is here tonight. Or he may be there at Stomping Grounds.

Corbin approaches Erick Young to be the special referee at Stomping Grounds and he replies he will think about it. As Corbin leaves, we see Rollins entering the frame. Young assures him that he is not going to be the referee. Rollins hits with the chair anyway.

The Usos with a backstage promo, hyping their match against the Good Brothers next.

The Usos defeated the Good Brothers

Gallows starts strong by taking down Jimmy and knocking Jey off of the apron. Anderson tags in and they hit the Boot of Doom for two count. Anderson celebrates prematurely and tags Gallows. They go for the Magic Killer but Jimmy breaks it up with a superkick. Jey superkicks Gallows followed by a double superkick from the Usos for the win. Styles is shown getting mad backstage.

Roman Reigns takes down the heels!

Roman admits Super ShowDown was bad for him and assures that he will be delivering an ass kicking tonight. He calls out Shane to face him one-on-one tonight. Shane appears on the big screen and orders Mike Rome to give him a grand introduction first. Shane says Reigns shouldn’t be ashamed of losing to the best in the world. He’s not going to come to the ring to face Reigns, but Reigns should be concerned with what happens on Sunday when he faces Drew McIntyre.

McIntyre addresses Reigns now and says Shane is the reason why he’s not out there now tearing Reigns apart, but Shane’s not going to stop him from destroying Reigns on Sunday. Drew says he will take Reigns apart until it gets really uncomfortable, and then Drew might consider pinning him. Roman heads backstage to find them. He fights off The Revival before he walks into Shane’s VIP room.

Roman enters the room and Drew approaches first but Reigns rocks him. Shane tries to leave the room. He stops him and drops him and puts Drew through the table of food and drinks. Roman chases Shane back to the ring now. He hits Shane with a Superman Punch and then goes for and hits the Spear and Shane is down. 

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