WWE RAW Live Results and Updates- 17 June 2019

Heath Slater reaches out Shane McMahon for a raise. He is sporting a ‘I Got Kids’ t-shirt. Shane says he was impressed by Slater, but McMahon’s answer was no. Slater walks out and Shane asks Drew McIntyre to clear him. McIntyre refers to their days in the 3-Man Brand and tries to give him some money, saying it kills him to see him like that. McIntyre drops the cash and as Slater goes to pick up the cash, McIntyre hits him with a cheap shot and beats him up. Revival and Shane McMahon stop him and the Revival pick up the fallen cash.

Kevin and Sami Show with Baron Corbin

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn host the Kevin and Sami show and call out Baron Corbin. Sami and Kevin says that the ring was a safe space, and accuses WWE of not being safe with Seth running around beating people up. Sami Zayn says he can’t be a referee and neither can Kevin Owens. Baron Corbin was okay with that. But he had a man ready to do the job and it’s EC3. But Seth Rollins comes out and attacks EC3 with a chair. Corbin shouts at him as Rollins leaves.

The New Day come out to interrupt and cover EC3 with a coat. Sami Zayn asks what they are doing there, as they are not wildcards. Kofi says he is the WWE Champion so he can do what he wants when he wants. KO tells Kofi that he will beat him if Ziggler does not manage to do so at Stomping Grounds. Kofi reminds him that he has already beaten him at Money in the Bank. Corbin issues a challenge for a 6-man tag match and Woods wonders if there is some WWE ‘official’ around who can make the match official. They pick up EC3 who is out cold and do a ‘Weekend with Bernie’s’ skit to make the match official.

Backstage we see AJ Styles with medical team when Gallows and Anderson arrives in Doctor’s White Aprons. It’s the Club reunion. Gallows and Anderson are talking to AJ Styles. Styles says Gallows and Anderson got soft and they need to get serious. Gallows and Anderson say they are going to get serious tonight and will beat the Usos in their match tonight.

The New Day defeated Baron Corbin, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn in 2 Out of 3 Falls Match

Woods ends up hitting the rolling elbow but he can’t put Sami away. Owens tags in and unloads on Woods in the corner as the referee warns him. Corbin tags in and also has words with the referee while unloading on Woods. Owens gets cheap shots in. Woods finally drops Corbin but Owens runs in to stop the tag. Owens goes for a senton but Woods gets his knees up. Sami tags in to stop Woods from tagging. Woods ends up rolling Sami up for the pin out of nowhere for the first fall.

Back from the break and Corbin unloads on Big E in the corner. Owens tags in and keeps the attack going in the corner, unloading while Big E is down. Owens goes back to mocking Woods and Kofi after they were knocked off the apron. Owens with another shot to Big E for a 2 count. Big E fights his way out of the corner but Owens cuts him off with a superkick. E sends him into the ring post and hits a belly to belly.

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