WWE RAW Live Results and Updates- 17 June 2019

RAW FAtal 5-Way 18 June 2019
Braun Strowman vs The Miz vs Ricochet vs Cesaro vs Bobby Lashley for No. 1 Contender’s Match for United States Championship

Welcome to the live Results and Updates Blog for RAW Episode of 17 June 2019.

  • Location: Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA, US
  • Time- 8 PM EST(18 June 2019 12 AM GMT/5:30 AM IST)

The Special Guest Referee has become a punching bag!

Elias welcomes us to open the show. He starts with the usual heel promo and goes on to announce that he will be the special guest referee at Stomping Grounds for the Universal Championship match between Seth Rollins and Baron Corbin. Lights are still out and suddenly, Seth Rollins hits him with a steel chair from behind. He keeps hitting the chair until Elias rolls to the side. Rollins takes the mic and says he is done with the games after Lesnar and whoever sides with Corbin will get the same treatment.

Rollins leaves soon after his short promo. The Miz enters for his no. 1 contenders match. Elias is still in the ring and Miz says why not hit him with my finisher. Miz hits the skull crushing finale on Elias. Lashley comes out next and spears Elias, Cesaro brings out the swing, Ricochet hits the double knee and Strowman hits him with the running body slam as we go to break.

Ricochet defeated Braun Strowman, The Miz, Cesaro and Bobby Lashley in Fatal 5-Way Elimination Match to become the No. 1 Contender’s for United States Championship

Samoa Joe is at ringside for the match. The match starts and Braun Strowman is beating everyone down. Lashley and Cesaro team up to get in some offense on the big man. Strowman throws Cesaro and Bobby Lashley to the outside. Cesaro picks up and slams Braun Strowman. Strowman recovers quickly and slams Cesaro with a Powerslam. Another Powerslam on Bobby Lashley on top of Cesaro and Cesaro is pinned and eliminated by Strowman.

After Lashley is distracted by Ricochet, Strowman hits him with a Powerslam and pins him. Bobby Lashley is eliminated by Braun Strowman. Strowman hits the Miz and Ricochet with the running truck around the ring. Strowman was looking to take out The Miz, but Cesaro and Lashley return. Lashley hits a Spear and Cesaro hits the Neutralizer. Ricochet hits the 630 Splash from the top rope on Strowman is helped by Bobby Lashley and Cesaro to pin Strowman. Strowman is angry. When he gets up, he destroys all four men as he makes his way to the back.

The Miz take Ricochet down at ringside. Ricochet dodges a basement dropkick and hits a dive over the top rope. Miz goes for the Skull Crushing Finale on Ricochet but he reverses it with a roll-up for a near fall. Miz catches Ricochet by his leg and applies the Figure Four. Ricochet reverses the pressure and Miz reverses it back. Ricochet gets to the rope to break the lock. Miz springboards but Ricochet is ready with double knees. Ricochet, then, climbs up for the 630 splash and gets the pin.

As Ricochet starts celebrating, Samoa Joe attacks him from behind and starts unloading on him with punches. Ricochet turns the tables immediately and is standing tall after their exchange.

Becky Lynch and Lacey Evans Exchange!

Becky Lynch is out now and starts insulting Lacey Evans. She is immediately interrupted by Evans who says that she is classy. Becky mocks her with her accent and Lacey Evans replies by saying that Hollywood should make a movie about her as she has been a United States Marine. Becky Lynch calls Lacey Evans a pile of steaming trash. Evans says that the WWE Universe needs a classy lady as Champion and reminds Becky that she had helped Charlotte to beat her once. Becky interrupts her as she was getting into the ring and hit a Becksploder Suplex. She makes her way out wearing Lacey’s hat and kicks it as she reaches the entrance.

The Revival are shown backstage with the Championships entering Shane McMahon’s room where a party seems to be going on. Baron Corbin is interviewed and is asked about what he is going to do about the Special Guest Referee. Corbin says that what happened to Elias does not matter, as he has many choices. He will announce his choice at the Kevin and Sami show. He is attacked by Seth Rollins with a Chair and Rollins walks away.

Viking Raiders defeated Local Talent in a Tag Team Match

Daniel Bryan is out with Rowan and wonders why McMahon Family has to bring him to RAW in the wild card. Bryan makes fun of RAW and Los Angeles. He says that he and Rowan are there to excite the crowd by destroying Seth Rollins and want to prove that one-half of the SmackDown Tag Team Champions is better than the entire RAW Roster. They are interrupted by the Viking Raiders’ entrance who glare at them on their way down to the ring.

Erik and Ivar finish the match quickly. Erik hits a dropkick on one and then brings the other in the ring. They hit a Double Team Spinebuster and then the Viking Experience to win the match.

R-Truth and Carmella are spotted in disguises in the crowd, and wrestlers come out to attack them. As they are out attacking R-Truth, he manages to slip under the ring. They pull someone out from under the ring, but it’s Titus O’Neil. Carmella grabs Truth and escapes through the crowd.

Heath Slater reaches out Shane McMahon for a raise. He is sporting a ‘I Got Kids’ t-shirt. Shane says he was impressed by Slater, but McMahon’s answer was no. Slater walks out and Shane asks Drew McIntyre to clear him. McIntyre refers to their days in the 3-Man Brand and tries to give him some money, saying it kills him to see him like that. McIntyre drops the cash and as Slater goes to pick up the cash, McIntyre hits him with a cheap shot and beats him up. Revival and Shane McMahon stop him and the Revival pick up the fallen cash.

Kevin and Sami Show with Baron Corbin

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn host the Kevin and Sami show and call out Baron Corbin. Sami and Kevin says that the ring was a safe space, and accuses WWE of not being safe with Seth running around beating people up. Sami Zayn says he can’t be a referee and neither can Kevin Owens. Baron Corbin was okay with that. But he had a man ready to do the job and it’s EC3. But Seth Rollins comes out and attacks EC3 with a chair. Corbin shouts at him as Rollins leaves.

The New Day come out to interrupt and cover EC3 with a coat. Sami Zayn asks what they are doing there, as they are not wildcards. Kofi says he is the WWE Champion so he can do what he wants when he wants. KO tells Kofi that he will beat him if Ziggler does not manage to do so at Stomping Grounds. Kofi reminds him that he has already beaten him at Money in the Bank. Corbin issues a challenge for a 6-man tag match and Woods wonders if there is some WWE ‘official’ around who can make the match official. They pick up EC3 who is out cold and do a ‘Weekend with Bernie’s’ skit to make the match official.

Backstage we see AJ Styles with medical team when Gallows and Anderson arrives in Doctor’s White Aprons. It’s the Club reunion. Gallows and Anderson are talking to AJ Styles. Styles says Gallows and Anderson got soft and they need to get serious. Gallows and Anderson say they are going to get serious tonight and will beat the Usos in their match tonight.

The New Day defeated Baron Corbin, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn in 2 Out of 3 Falls Match

Woods hits a rolling elbow on Sami to get a two-count. Sami corners Woods to bring in Owens who unloads on Woods untill the referee warns him. Corbin tags in and gets into an argument with the referee after a warning. Woods counters Corbin but Owens comes in to block the tag out. Woods then counters Owens’ senton from the top rope. Sami gets a quick to stop but as goes to block Woods from tagging out, he gets rolled up Woods for the pin out of nowhere.

Corbin is beating up Big E as we return from a break. Owens gets the momentum going. Woods and Kofi are pulled off the apron as the heels keep Big E under control. He tries to fights back but Owens stops his momentum with a superkick. Big E sends Owens into the ring post before he drops him with belly-to-belly suplex.

Kofi gets a hot tag while Corbin comes in from the other side. Kofi hits a springboard chop, boom drop and other signature moves follow before he hits a high crossbody for two. Corbin accidentally hits Zayn with a clothesline and Owens hits him with a superkick. He and Zayn leave while Kingston hits Trouble in Paradise for the win. This is the second fall and New Day have won the match.

Alexa Bliss hands over a scroll to Nikki Cross. Nikki opens it and it reads that Bliss has secured a Women’s Tag Team Championship match against the IIconics for her and Nikki Cross. Bliss brings up her match against Bayley at WWE Stomping Grounds. Shes goes on to promise Cross to make her a champion tonight as they get a shot at Women’s Tag Team titles.

Heyman is talking about ‘Balls’

Paul Heyman comes out and says that Rollins has no reason to beat him up because he is not going to be the Special Guest Referee. He repeats this for a few times and looks quite fearful of beaten down by Rollins. Heyman then goes on to insult LA crowd for handing down their ‘balls’ to Lebron James. And that Rollins has also exchanged his balls for a steel chair. Paul Heyman says that Brock Lesnar knows how to swing a chair as well as Seth Rollins can. He says that if Seth Rollins is vulnerable, maybe Brock Lesnar is here tonight. Or he may be there at Stomping Grounds.

Corbin approaches Erick Young to be the special referee at Stomping Grounds and he replies he will think about it. As Corbin leaves, we see Rollins entering the frame. Young assures him that he is not going to be the referee. Rollins hits with the chair anyway.

The Usos with a backstage promo, hyping their match against the Good Brothers next.

The Usos defeated the Good Brothers

Gallows starts strong by taking down Jimmy and knocking Jey off of the apron. Anderson tags in for a double team Boot of Doom for a two-count. Anderson celebrates prematurely and tags Gallows. Jimmy stops the Magic Killer with a superkick. Jey superkicks Gallows followed by a double superkick from the Usos for the win. Styles gets mad at this loss as he watches the match from backstage.

Roman Reigns takes down the heels!

Roman admits Super ShowDown was bad for him and assures that he will be delivering an ass kicking tonight. Roman challenges Shane to face him in a singles match tonight. Shane appears on the titantron with Drew McIntyre and orders Mike Rome to give him a grand introduction. Shane says Roman shouldn’t be ashamed as he lost to the best in the world. He advised Roman that he should be concerned for his match against Drew McIntyre at Stomping Grounds.

McIntyre tells Roman that Shane is the one stoping him from going out there and tear him apart. but that will not be the case at Stomping Grounds. He adds that he will take Roman apart until he pleases and only then he might consider pinning him. Roman gets enraged and run to backstage to find Shane and Drew. He fights off The Revival before he walks into Shane’s VIP room.

Drew chrages as Roman first but Roman decks him. Roman beats up Shane also as he tries to leave to hit him with. He puts Drew through a table. Shane runs to the ring. Roman chases him and nails him with a Superman Punch and a spear.

The IIconics Defeated Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss- Women’s Tag Team Championship Match

The IIconics talk about finally making it to Los Angeles. They take shots at Cross and Bliss for a while.

Bliss slaps Kay in the face to start the match. She puts Billie down in the corner and stomps her several times. Royce distracts her so Kay can take control and make the tag. Peyton kicks out of a roll-up before Cros tags herself in and hits an arm drag. Nikki misses a crossbody and Kay tags in to cover her for a two count. Billie knocks Bliss off of the apron and Bayley gets in her face. Alexa shoves her down while Cross is rolled up in the ring. Bayley stops Bliss from saving her partner and The IIcoics get the win to retain their titles.

Bray Wyatt’s FireFly Fun House Segment

Bray is gardening in the Firefly Fun House to make his ideas grow. He refers to the insects of his WrestleMania match and says they are not good. He says that everyone lies a lot. He says he knows what it feels like to be different and that’s why he built the place so that everyone can join them. All the puppets are shown, and they all say ‘Join Us’. He adds that people worship what they fear and fear is power. The screen flickers with different shots of Bray Wyatt as the music plays on with some disturbing Radio Frequency added in between. It ends with Bray Wyatt saying ‘Let Me In.’

Seth Rollins defeated Daniel Bryan

Seth starts with a shoulder tackle and Bryan sends him out of the ring. Seth is able to block his suicide dive before hitting one of his own. He goes for the second but Rowan catches him and hits the Claw Slam on the apron to cause a DQ. Bryan and Rowan team up on Rollins until The New Day make the save. KO, Zayn and Revival join the fray and the Usos also come out to even the odds. The brawl comes to a halt as the officials try to take things under control.

Mike Rome announces the match will start again with everyone being kicked from the ringside area. Bryan takes control and hits a couple of corner dropkicks before Rollins turns him inside out with a clothesline. Bryan counters an enziguri with an ankle lock. Rollins tries to get up and Bryan turns it into a German suplex that sends Rollins out of the ring. Seth recovers and attempts a superplex. Bryan knocks him down but Rollins jumps back up and hits it. Bryan counters the falcon arrow and puts him in the Lebell Lock. Seth gets his foot on a rope to force a break.

Bryan starts hitting the Yes! kicks until Rollins grabs Bryan and hits a buckle bomb for a two count. Bryan blocks a frog splash with his knees and puts Seth back in the Lebell Lock. Rollins rolls through and hits an enziguri followed by The Stomp for the pin and the win.

As Seth reaches the ramp, Baron Corbin attacks him from behind with a Steel Chair. He hits him hard and quite a few times before rolling him in the ring. He hits an End of Days. He gets the Championship and holds it over Seth to close the show.

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