WWE RAW Live Results and Updates- 8 April 2019

RAW will be live on 8 April from Barclays Center, New York one day after WrestleMania to address the fallout from the event. As WWE would start a new cycle, lots of new storylines are expected to be started. Not much was mentioned in WWE’s official preview to gauge what will happen at the episode, but anyway, you can check out the preview. We will keep updating the proceedings. Please keep refreshing the page for the latest updates.

#1 Your Champion is here!

Seth Rollins comes out to open the show and he is getting a standing ovation. Renee Young reminding us that we finally have a champion that will come regularly to RAW every week. As we go to the highlights, he is soaking in the crowd response. ‘You deserve it!’ chants ongoing. Rollins takes the mic and says ‘we deserve it’ and that he has defeated the most dominant champion. He took suplexes and F-5 on the floor even before the match started and had to apply ‘tactics’ to get an advantage. He also mentions that Heyman and Lesnar took the flight to Vegas for their meetings and he speaks for all us that they can remain there. He has done himself one better than Lesnar by calling himself the reigning, defending, fighting, undisputed Universal Champion.

And and and… he is interrupted by the New Day who is on Monday Night RAW…What a surprise. They come dancing in the ring and clears with Rollins that it is definitely not Tuesday. They also confirm that this isn’t The Superstar Shake-Up, that’s next week!
Kofi says that after he watched last night’s WrestleMania ‘winner take all’ match and got the idea after Becky Lynch won. He suggests that they go head to head in a WINNER TAKES ALL MATCH! Kofi and Rollins stand tall staring into each other and Rollins accepts the challenge.

#2 Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins vs The Revival – RAW Tag Team Championship

Hawkins and Dawson start the match and quickly tags in their partners. Ryder takes down Wilder with a clothesline and tags in Hawkins. Wilder also hits him in the jaw to tag in Dawson. Dawson stomps on his leg, hits some chops and grounds Hawkins. Hawkins hits a dropkick and a splash in the corner before Revival took advantage of a distraction to take control over. Wilder gets the tag and Revival double team on Hawkins as we go to break.
Wilder comes in after the tag as Revival is under control. Hawkins takes him down and Ryder gets the hot tag. He comes in to take down both opponents with quick moves. He tags Hawkins, who hits an elbow drop from the top rope for a two count. He tweaks his leg and Dash counters a suplex. Ryder tags back in and Wilder rolls him up for a near fall. Dawson takes out Hawkins with a brainbuster at ringside before he and Dash hit Ryder with a double team for a close two count. Hawkins recovers and makes the blind tag. The Revival hits Ryder with the Shatter Machine and Hawkins rolls up Dawson for the pin and the win.
Winner- Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder with a pinfall!

#3 Corbin, Angle and…..Lars Sullivan!

Corbin is announced among the boos from the crowd. Asshole! chants start but Corbin says that he is taking it as a compliment. He reminds us that Angle chose him for WrestleMania and he has shown that Angle does not belong in the ring alongside him. After the dominating victory, he feels that he deserves an Olympic Gold Medal of his own. Kurt Angle’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring to a great ovation. ‘Thank You Kurt!’ chants start. Angle tells Corbin that last night he was the better man and he is now retired. He shakes hands with Corbin and says Good Luck to him. Angles then grabs his hand and quickly hits the angle slam on Corbin. He locked in the Ankle Lock with the maximum torque until Corbin taps out and moves out of the ring. Lars Sullivan makes a surprise entry. He makes his way to the ring and Angle looks at him like he has seen a ghost. Sullivan slams Angle to the mat and then hits a headbutt off the top rope.

#4 Alexa Bliss vs Bayley

Bliss is mocking Bayley for her title loss at WrestleMania. Bayley starts unloading right away and was going for the DDT at the ropes but Bliss managed to evade to the ringside and hit a hard right hand. Bayley tries to cheat by using the ropes. She then hits a sunset flip and Bliss’ head hits the turnbuckle. But Bliss manages to catch the ropes. Bliss then hits a DDT to get the pin.
Winner- Alexa Bliss with a pinfall

#5 The Man is here!

Becky makes her way to the ring and gets a standing ovation. She takes the mic and tells us that he use to work in a bar in New York 9 years ago. ‘You deserve it!’ chant starts again. She mocks Mr. McMahon before the crowd starts to go wild. She says that when at WrestleMania, all was said and done, the one who walked in with nothing, walked out with both the titles. She is not the most powerful or the most athletic woman in WWE. But she has learned survival and she can survive over anything. She tells Ronda that she can come back anytime to get her head knocked off. Charlotte might be with the McMahon family asking for another title match to lose to her again. She then acknowledges that every woman on the roster will come for her but she will be ready.

She moves out of the ring when Lacey Evans comes out for her customary walk. She stands in front of Becky and looks at the titles. She punches Becky and heads back. Becky runs behind her and starts unloading on her. They hit each other with punches and elbows on the back of the head before Becky put her in the Dis-Arm-Her. Evans slips away from the ramp to avoid the lock.

Charlie Caruso asks Seth Rollins why did he accept the Winner Takes All challenge from Kofi? Rollins replies that Kofi has come to his show and challenged him. So he better brings his ‘A’ game.

#6 Aleister Black and Ricochet vs Bobby Roode and Chad Gable

Black and Gable start. Gable goes for the waist takedown before they trade arm twists. Both miss their moves until they stop to have a staredown in the ring. Gable takes the upper hand finally as he jabs Black in the throat and takes him down with a waistlock. He tags Roode to continue stomping on Black. Black manages to tag in Ricochet. Black sweeps leg and Ricochet hits a dropkick on Roode. Black hits Meteora on Gable while Ricochet took down Roode with a moonsault at the ringside. Back in the ring, Gable hits an elbow to Ricochet and Roode is tagged in. Ricochet strikes both of them but Gable low bridges him off the rope as we head to break.

Roode and Gable have cut the ring in half and continues their control on Ricochet. Roode comes in to hit a vicious clothesline. Gable is tagged in again but Ricochet hits a big boot on him at the corner. Ricochet also hits an elbow on Roode and then hits a dropkick on Gable again. Black gets the hot tag and comes in to hit a dropkick, he sweeps the leg and hits a moonsault on both opponents. Roode rolls him up for a two count, but Black kicks out and hits a kick to the face for his own two counts. They hit the double team splash on Ricochet but Black breaks the pin. Gable pulls Black out of the ring and beats him down while Ricochet climbs to the top. Gable pushes him off and Roode makes the cover for a near fall. Ricochet is able to hit Gable with the 630 for the win.
Winner- Aleister Black and Ricochet with a pinfall
Roode immediately attacks Ricochet from behind after the match but leaves with Black comes in to help. Gable and Roode appear to be heels now.

#7 Dean Ambrose’s last match

Dean Ambrose enters for his final match in WWE. Lashley and Rush enter and Rush takes the mic but the crowd is not letting him speak. Lashley takes the mic and says when Dean is gone, he is going to take care of Renee Young. Ambrose knocks him off of the apron and starts beating him all around the ring. He grabs a chair and throws it at Lashley’s face before he whips him into the ring post. He sends Rush into the barricade before going back to Lashley. Dean hits a DDT on the stage before he clears off the announce table. Bobby pops up and hits a Spear. He picks up Ambrose and slams him through the table. Renee Young looks on in horror and checks on her husband after Lashley and Lio head to the back.

Sami Zayn is shown backstage.
Mojo Rawley again with a promo talking to himself. He is wondering where was he at last night for WrestleMania 35. There’s some blue artwork of cracks or lines around one of his eyes.

#8 Sami Zayn vs Finn Balor(c) – Intercontinental Championship Match

Sami Zayn makes his entry to a loud ovation. He takes the mic and introduces himself. He says that his schedule is wide open and calls out for someone to come out for a match. No one comes out for some time until Finn Balor enters with the Intercontinental title. The announcer tells us that the match is now for the Intercontinental Championship.

Lockdown and a stalemate. They lockdown again and Zayn takes Balor to the corner for another stalemate. Balor with an arm twist and Zayn reverses it. Zayn keeps in the lock until Balor kips up, arm drags to a pinning combination before they come to a stalemate again. Zayn goes for the waist takedown which is again reversed by Balor. Balor throws down Zayn out of the ring and Zayn returns the favor. Back in the ring, Zayn with a side headlock and Balor fights out to hit a dropkick after a lariat. Balor with a shoulder lock. As Zayn tries to fight out, Balor hits an arm drag and keeps the lock on. Zayn reaches the rope and starts unloading on Balor. He continues with chops in the corner. Sunset flip is reversed into a basement dropkick. Now, Balor comes with the chops. They trade strikes until Balor hit an overhead kick to take us to the break.

Zyan hits Balor with the Blue Thunderbomb to get the near fall. He sends Balor into the turnbuckle with an exploder suplex. Balor with a swing blade and a dropkick to set up for Coup De Grace. Zyan moves away and sets up for the Helluva Kick. Balor moves away and hits the Coup De Grace to get the pin.
Winner- Finn Balor with a pinfall

Zayn takes the mic and says that it genuinely feels like the crowd misses him. He says that from the bottom of his heart, he didn’t miss them at all. He trashes the crowd by saying that WWE is not toxic because of the McMahons or terrible locker room but because of the toxic crowd. He continues his heel promo for some time. Even while heading back, he starts arguing with some fans in the front row.

Backstage, Dana Brooke congratulates Becky and says as Lacey Evans has proved that there is a long line of challengers for Becky and she certainly does not plan to stay at the end of that line.

#9 The next person to interrupt Elias is a Deadman!

Elias reminds us that Cena interrupted her performance at WrestleMania for the second year in a row. He promises that one year from now, at the next WrestleMania, things will be different. He trashes Cena and says he is no musician. He then starts rapping to prove that he can rap better than Cena. He tells that the next person to interrupt him will be a dead man. And guess what? Dead Man’s gong is rung. Undertaker takes his sweet time to come out and then takes even more time to come to the ring. HE certainly looks slimmer than ever. Elias stands in one corner of the ring. He thinks of moving away from the ring but then removes his robe and gets ready for the fight. They slowly move towards each other and Taker hits a big boot and a chokeslam Elias before taking him out with the Tombstone Piledriver. He covers Elias and the crowd count to three.

#10 Seth Rollins vs Kofi Kingston – Winner Takes All, Universal Championship and WWE Championship Match

Lockdown and Kofi with an arm twist. Rollins reverses to take him down with a headlock. Shoulder tackle from Rollins and a flying clothesline by Kofi. Rollins avoids the SOS and then the trouble in paradise to hit the superkick in the gut as we head to break.

They start trading chop as we return from the break. Kofi hits the big boot while Rollins returns the favor with a dropkick as both men are down. Rollins, with a big boot and a step up enziguri, gets a near fall. He gets ready for the stomp but Kofi rolls him up to get the two counts. Kofi hits a kick to the face and goes to the top. Rollins meets him there but Kofi manages to throw him outside. Kofi was getting ready for the suicide dive when the Bar attacks Kofi to cause a disqualification.

Rollins comes back to the ring and joins Kofi to take down the Bar duo. As they head out, Rollins tells Kofi that they’ll do it another time and challenges them for a tag team match.

#11 Seth Rollins and Kofi Kingston vs the Bar(Sheamus and Cesaro) – Tag Team Match

Rollins starts unloading on Cesaro which forces him to go outside. Rollins slingshots himself over the top rope and Cesaro catches him for a slam on the apron. Sheamus sends Kofi into the barricade as we cut to commercial.
As we return from the break, the Bar is dominating the match. Cesaro gets a near fall before bringing Sheamus in to continue punishing Rollins. Seth sends him into the ring post and makes the hot tag to Kofi. Kofi springboards in and takes Sheamus down as he starts building up a head of steam. Kingston hits the SOS but Cesaro breaks up the pin. Kofi goes for the crossbody to take out both opponents at ringside but they catch him and was going for the White Noise when Rollins hits the Suicide Dive on them. Kofi heads up and hits a crossbody splash off the top on Sheamus for two counts. Cesaro gets involved and the Bar hits double White Noise but Rollins breaks the pin. Kofi counters the Big Swing from Cesaro with a roll-up for a near fall. Rollins takes the blind tag when Kofi hits the Trouble in Paradise. Rollins comes in to hit the curb stomper on Cesaro to get the win.
Winner- Seth Rollins and Kofi Kingston with a pinfall

Kofi takes the fist out and Rollins takes some time before doing the fist bump. Both Champions celebrate to end the show.

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