WWE RAW Live Results and Updates- 18 March 2019

Seth Rollins vs Drew McIntyre, Seth Rollins vs Drew McIntyre RAW 18 March 2019
Seth Rollins vs Drew McIntyre, RAW 18 March 2019

Next week, RAW will be live from All State Arena in Chicago, Illinois as we will move towards WrestleMania. As WrestleMania is just 3 weeks away, we will be seeing Lesnar to hype his match at the show of the shows. But his opponent Seth Rollins will face off against Drew McIntyre who have taken out the other two members of the Shield last week. There are more matches and segments announced for the episode and you can check the complete preview here. We will get you all the updates as per the procedure. Please keep refreshing the page for the latest updates.

1. Lesnar comes to the town!

The show kicks off with Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman, who are welcomed with a chorus of boos from the WWE Universe. Heyman says that Rollins was the reason for Lesnar’s appearance on the night. He talks about how Lesnar defeated other stars like AJ Styles, Daniel Bryan, and Finn Balor. Heyman also questions why Rollins is thinking about playing mind games with Lesnar when he has to face a career killer like Drew McIntyre later in the night. Now, McIntyre comes out to the ring and thanks Heyman for respecting him as a competitor while also advising Lesnar to find a new opponent for WrestleMania as he is going to brutalize Rollins later in the night. Rollins attacks McIntyre him from behind with a steel chair and beats on him mercilessly. He goes for Lesnar next and walks to the ring with the chair but Brock moves away from the ring and walks away.

2. Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush vs Finn Balor and Braun Strowman

Finn Balor starts his promo by saying that he plans on winning back his title soon. Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush interrupt him. Balor announces that Braun Strowman is his mystery partner for tonight’s tag team match. Why it was kept as a mystery I don’t understand. There was hardly anyone else Balor could call upon. Although, Lio Rush is far too surprised.
Strowman and Lashley lock horns. Lashley shrugs Strowman off twice and Lashley boasts of his power provoking Strowman to shoulder tackle him. Lashley moves out of the ring as we head to break. As we return, Lashley is keeping Balor in a rear chin lock. He plants Finn with a flatliner and tags in Rush. Rush tries to choke Balor with the ropes but immediately eats a kick in the face, so he tags Bobby back in to continue dominating. Balor avoids him in the corner and Lashley nails the ring post. Rush tags in and Finn immediately takes him down.
Strowman tags in and hits Rush with a huge splash and throws Rush across the ring. He goes for the chokeslam but Lashley hits him with a Spear. Balor takes Lashley down with a double stomp and throws him out of the ring. Rush hits frog splash off the top on Strowman. Rush runs out of the ring but he’s cornered by Strowman and Balor. Lashley takes out Balor but decides to run away himself as Strowman proves too much for him. Strowman beats up Rush and gets the pin after a powerslam.
Winner- Finn Balor and Braun Strowman with a pinfall

3. Alexa Bliss walks with Elias

Bliss starts by saying all of the 1 billion WWE social media followers are buzzing before handing over to the commentary team who gives us all the matches already announced. Bliss talks herself up before announcing Elias. Bliss assures Elias that he can make his announcement and no one will interrupt him. Elias announces that he will be headlining the musical act at WrestleMania. Elias says that last year’s WrestleMania is the motivation for this year for him. He says that his performance at WM35 will be better than any other in the world. Elias is interrupted by No Way Jose and his Conga Line, which includes Heavy Machinery too. Bliss gets angry over the congo line and Otis saying that they have interrupted too early. Elias tells Otis that timing is everything and was about to attack him when No Way Jose, who came out in a mask, attacks him from behind.

4. Elias vs No Way Jose

As we return from the break, the match is already underway. Jose hits Elias with an airplane spin. After an arm drag, he tries to lock Elias into an armbar. Elias tries to make a comeback but No Way Jose fends him off. Jose lands lofty blows on Elias’ chest as Jose has total control of the match. Jose goes to the top rope for a crossbody, but Elias moves out. They trade blows in the corner before Elias plants Jose in the middle of the ring with a powerslam and nails a frog splash. He follows it up with dirty deeds and gets the pin.
Winner- Elias with a pinfall

5. Kurt Angle’s WrestleMania Opponent

Kurt Angle gets on the mic and reminds us that WM is in 20 days. He thanks the McMahon family to allow him to choose his opponent for WrestleMania. And his opponent is going to be the man who has made his life a living hell in the last few months, Baron Corbin.

6. Kurt Angle vs Chad Gable

Chad Gable comes out for his match Angle. They shake hands before locking horns. Gable takes down Angle with a shoulder tackle after a Lariat. They started grappling as Gable keeps control. Angle hits the shoulder tackle now and hits a belly to belly suplex forcing Gable to move out of the ring to take a breather. Gable gets a quick cover but Angle kicks out. Gable goes to work on Angle’s left shoulder but Angle whips him to the corner as hard as he can. Gable keeps control for sometime before Angle sends him outside as we go to the break.
Angle builds momentum with some clotheslines and a back body drop. Gable brings out an elbow in the corner before Angle locks him in the Anklelock. Gable counters and locks Angle in the Anklelock. Angle comes out of it and tries to hit a spine buster which is countered into a DDT by Gable. Gable missed the splash from the top and Angle locks him into the Anklelock again to get the submission.
Winner- Kurt Angle with a submission

Corbin comes out after the match and tells Angle that it will be so good to humiliate him by beating him in the last match of his career.
Next, we get the recap of McIntyre owning Roman Reigns and Ambrose last week.
Corbin was hanging out with the Revival when Apollo Crews comes and challenges Corbin for a match which Corbin accepts.

7. Women’s Tag Team Championship at WrestleMania

Charlie asks the Women Tag Team Champions what they have to say about the IIconics’ challenge. Bayley tells her that they remain true to their commitment of defending the title at any brand, any place, any time, and hence will make an appearance on SmackDown tomorrow.
Natalya and Beth Pheonix interrupt. Beth praises Sasha and Bayley for all their work in the Women’s Evolution. She also tells them that Nia and Tamina are undoing all the work that they have been doing for Women’s wrestling. Beth says that she loved her WWE career, but there is one thing missing, hinting at the Women’s Tag Team titles. Beth Phoenix announces that she is coming out of retirement to tag with Natalya and challenge Bayley and Sasha Banks for the Women’s Tag Team titles at WrestleMania 35. Bayley says Phoenix has been gone for six years and she might need time to prepare since the competition has evolved. Nattie tries to put them in their place and ends up smacking Banks. The Boss tackles her and Beth picks Banks up and throws her away. Bayley and Beth get into a confrontation and Bayley gets shoved down.

8. Sasha Banks vs Natalya

Natalya and Banks immediately start fighting. Nattie drops Sasha before hitting a low dropkick for a near fall. She locks The Boss in an abdominal stretch but Banks manages to counter with a victory roll for two. She follows it up to double knees but Natalya sends Banks out with a clothesline just when Nia Jax comes out and asks Beth if she is coming out of the retirement since she is prettier and stronger than her, that she is a better version of the Glamazon. Tamina attacks Beth at the ringside and takes down Sasha and Bayley at the ringside with superkicks before running away to join Nia at the entrance.

Mojo Rawley in another recorded promo talking to himself about potential.

9. Ricochet vs Jinder Mahal

Jinder starts by picking Ricochet up and puts him in the corner. Ricochet with a sidekick and a dropkick sends Mahal out of the ring. He avoids Mahal at the corner and lands another enziguri. Singh Brothers distract Ricochet for Mahal to capitalize. Mahal keeps him in the arm-stretch. Ricochet tries to counter with a crossbody but fails to get the three count. Mahal locks him in the chin lock. As Ricochet tries to fight out of the lock, Mahal sends him to the corner and follows up with some blows. He uses the ropes to keep the pressure and follows it up with some big punches. Ricochet fights out of another chin lock and lands an enziguri in the corner. After some blows, Ricochet takes Mahal down with a hurricanrana, follows it up with a cross body to get two counts. As Mahal goes out, he takes down Singh Brothers and Mahal with a summersault dive. Back in the ring, Ricochet hits the 630 and gets the pin.
Winner- Ricochet with a pinfall

10. Ronda Rousey(c) vs Dana Brooke- RAW Women’s Championship Match

Dana catches Ronda’s leg and punches her. Ronda takes her down and locks in the armbar to get the submission.
Winner- Ronda Rousey with a submission
Ronda does not release the armbar as Dana keeps screaming. Referees ask her to unlock which Ronda finally does but then pushes a Referee and moves out of the ring. More security comes out and Ronda unloads on one of them. Ronda is cornered at the barricade by the security. Her husband, who is in the crowd, picks her up from the other side of the barricade and takes her away.

11. Baron Corbin vs Apollo Crews

Corbin takes Crews into the corner where Crews avoids him a couple of time before Corbin takes him down with a shoulder tackle. Crews with some more high flying action land a dropkick to send Corbin outside and nails a moonsault. Corbin comes back with an elbow. He lands some more blows and keeps control with chinlock. Crews fight out of the lock and land an elbow. He goes for the lariat where Corbin hits deep six to get two counts. Corbin unloads some punches on Crews and soals in the hate from the crowd. Corbin was going for the End of days but Crews rolls him up to get the pin.
Winner- Apollo Crews with a pinfall
Kurt Angle comes out at the entrance to celebrate with Crews.

12. Bautista’s side of the story

Bautista joins the show from his home via video call. Michael Cole asks why is Bautista so angry with Triple H. Bautista answers with I don’t like the guy. He elaborates when Cole asks him to explain more. He said that Triple H takes credit of his career, taking him under his wings and all but all he did was use him for in his quests. Cole then asks him if Triple H was also the reason for Bautista quitting WWE in 2010. Bautista tells him Triple H was jealous and insecure of him, and that he didn’t get a fair opportunity. When Cole mentions the good Hunter has done for other WWE Superstars and NXT recruits, Bautista gets angry and tells us that is how Hunter fools everyone. He hopes that Triple H is fired by Vince McMahon and that he is going to end Triple H’s in-ring career at WrestleMania 35 before leaving from the room in anger.
P.S.- Bautista is determined to show us that he can act!!

Charlie Caruso takes us to the recap of Braun Strowman wrecking the car gifted to him by SNL. Braun Strowman says that he’s going to enter the Andre The Giant Battle Royal at WrestleMania 35 and Michael Che and Colin Jost will get these hands when he catches him backstage at WrestleMania. Alexa Bliss interrupts and says that she will fix the grudge that Strowman has with Saturday Night Live hosts.

13. Drew McIntyre challenges Roman Reigns

McIntyre cuts a promo. He says action speaks so louder than words and gets us to recap from last week when he attacked Roman Reigns. He continues by saying that everyone was happy that the Big Dog was back. But he can tell that Roman has slowed down and he relied on Shield to bail him out. He has broken the Shield and that’s why Rollins attacked him from behind earlier tonight. He has lifted the delusion around the Shield. He then challenges Roman Reigns for the match at WrestleMania. He says the fans don’t care about Reigns and that he will hurt, maim and destroy him.  He goes on a tirade for some more time before Rollins appears on the titantron saying he will destroy McIntyre tonight. As he comes out, Rollins and McIntyre start brawling at the entrance. As some officials and security try to separate them, Rollins moves into the ring and waits for McIntyre when the show goes to the break.

14. Seth Rollins vs Drew McIntyre

The match is already started as we return. McIntyre takes Rollins down and puts him in the arm-stretch. Rollins fights out but runs into an elbow. McIntyre again locks in the arm-stretch after two counts. Rollins tries to come back with a big boot in the corner but his hurricanrana is countered into a suplex by McIntyre. After some blows, McIntyre again locks him into the arm-stretch. Rollins fights out of it and the action moves outside the ring. Rollins lands some punches but as McIntyre moves out when Rollins goes for the moonsault kick.
Rollins kicks out of the pin as we come back from the break. McIntyre stomps on the back of Rollins’ head. As McIntyre goes for the powerbomb, Rollins takes him down with a scissor takedown to send him out. McIntyre catches him in the suicide dive and plants him to the barricade. McIntyre picks up the chair but Rollins hits a superkick. Both stars beat the 10 counts from the referee. Rollins gets into the speed mode, sends McIntyre out with a clothesline, hits two suicide dives, takes him back to the ring and hits the swing blade for two counts. McIntyre comes back and throws Rollins face first onto the mat. McIntyre tries to go for the suplex from the top turnbuckle but Rollins slips out. Rollins hits the superplex and falcon arrow combo to get another two count. As Rollins was getting ready for the Curb stomp, Brock Lesnar’s music hits. Rollins hits the superkick in the midsection of McIntyre but gets distracted by Brock Lesnar coming out at the entrance. The distraction gives McIntyre time to hit Rollins with a Claymore kick to win the match.
Winner- Drew McIntyre with a pinfall

Rollins, laid in the ring, looks at Lesnar who is still standing at the entrance smiling as the show ends.