WWE RAW Live Results and Updates- 15 April 2019

RAW will be live on 15 April 2019 from Bell Center in Montreal, Canada for the first International Superstar Shakeup. No matches have been announced as yet but you can check our preview to see what is expected of the show. We will keep updating the page as the show starts. Please keep refreshing the page.

#1 The McMahons!

Stephaine McMahon opens the show. She calls out the ‘Best in the World’ Shane McMahon who gets some boos from the crowd. Shane comes into the ring and again asks for the announcer to announce him. He does but Shane is still not happy with it and starts announcing himself in French. The crowd starts chanting ‘You Suck.’ Steph shuts then down by saying that Kurt Angle had his last match at WrestleMania. They come to the topic of the night, ‘Superstar Shakeup’, for which Shane mentions that even some Tag Teams can be broken up. They were about to start the proceedings when Shane says he wants us to go through some of the best moments from the last few months. He throws a picture of him holding Mr. Miz’s neck at Fastlane when The Miz’s music hit. He attacks Shane from behind and takes him for a beating. Shane throws him in the crowd from where Miz gets a chair and hits him with some stiff chair shots. Shane runs off as Miz is also bloodied and we have got the first superstar who has switched brand this year.

Tonight’s matches: Becky Lynch vs Ruby Riott and Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns + Mystery Partner vs Baron Corbin, Drew McIntyre, and Bobby Lashley

#2 Ricochet, Aleister Black, Curt Hawkins, Zack Ryder vs the Revival and the Viking Experience

The War Raiders have their name changed to the Viking Experience. Dawson and Hawkins start and both hit arm drag to start. Ryder, Ricochet and then Black in tagged in Dawson is kept in the corner. Black is taken to the opponent’s corner but he slams Wilder into the mat. Wilder comes back and tags in Rowe who tags back Wilder. Black hits some punches on Erick who gets in Rowe for the double team. Black goes for the springboard moonsault but is caught by the Vikings. Ricochet dropkicks on them and Black and Ricochet clothesline them out of the ring. Ryder and Hawkins also get involved as they all clear their opponents from the ring.
Hawkins is kept isolated as we return from the break. The Vikings double team on him to add to his misery. Erick puts him in a shoulder stretch. Hawkins tries to fight out of the corner but Erick levels him with a clothesline. Rowe tags in Dawson who slams Wilder over Hawkins. Ryder gets the hot tag and unloads on Wilder. He also hits the dropkick on Wilder at the apron. before landing forearms on Hawkins. Black and Ricochet gets involved with the Revival and takes them down at the ringside. The Viking Experience outnumbers Hawkins as he’s thrown outside onto Black and Ricochet. Ryder is getting beaten up alone in the ring and Erick goes to the top rope and lands the Fallout to pin Ryder.
Winners- The Revival and The Viking Experience

#3 Finn Balor vs Andrade

Balor enters as we head to the break and Andrade enters with Zelina Vega who hypes him up before handing over the mic to him. Andrade also cuts a promo in French, I guess. Balor goes for the waist takedown as the match starts. Andrade sends him to the corner and hits a knee and then a double knee in the corner. Balor fights out of the three amigos with back body drop and hits a dropkick. Balor then counters Andrade’s body slam attempt into a DDT. Vega’s distraction helps Andrade to sweep Balor’s legs at the apron and he lands face first on the floor.
Andrade is unloading on Balor in the corner as we come back from the break. Balor moves away as Andrade goes for the double knee stomp and hits a basement dropkick on Andrade. Balor is selling his injured knee and misses a couple of moves due to it. Balor still counters Andrade to get a near fall. He follows it up with a swing blade but Andrade hits the running moonsault to get a near fall. Balor keeps his knees up when Andrade goes for the moonsault off the top and sets up for the Coup De Grace. Andrade takes him down at the top. Balor sends Andrade out of the ring with a clothesline. He leaps over Vega to take out Andrade. Vega hits a hurricanrana behind the ref’s back so Andrade can hit the Hammerlock DDT for the pin and the win.
Winner- Andrade with a pinfall

#4 Elias interrupted!

Elias tells the crowd that his Music is so powerful that Cena interrupted him for the second year in the row at WrestleMania. Then the Undertaker also interrupted him last week. It begs the question why are all these legends going after him. What’s so special about him. He then takes a shot on the crowd and as he gets ready to start his performance, he is interrupted by Rey Mysterio, who is now at RAW. Rey trips during the springboard but Elias catches him. Rey sends him packing when Lars Sullivan enters. Rey tries his athletic best to counter Sullivan but he catches Rey finally to slam him to the match and then hit a powerbomb.

#5 Bobby Roode and Chad Gable vs the Usos

Bobby Roode and Chad Gable are cutting a promo when the Usos graphics spoil the surprise. Roode and Gable say that they are ready to face any tag team when they finally enter.
Jimmy Uso and Gable start the proceedings. Jimmy lands a kick to the head of Gable before Jey is tagged in. Jey lands a punch on Roode before knocking down Gable. A distraction from Roode helps Gable dispatch Jey to the outside. Roode tags in and Jey is thrown into the barricade. He then lands a lot of punches and tags in Gable. Who puts Jey in a cross-face chicken wing. Jey lands a huge kick to Roode as Jey tags in his brother and Gable is tagged in too. Jimmy lands a Samoan Drop on Gable. Gable locks him in an armbar over the top rope for the full five counts. He and Roode hit a double team blockbuster for two. Uso counters their finisher and tags in Jey. The Usos hit a double superkick followed by a double Superfly Splash for the pin and the win.
Winners- The Usos with a pinfall

#6 A Moment of Bliss with Sami Zayn!

Bliss says that this might be his last night at RAW amid the Superstar Shakeup before he calls out Sami Zayn. He gets a huge response from the crowd, so much so that his music was hit for the second time and then for the third time as he dances his way around. He starts the Ole! Ole! chants for the crowd to join in. Bliss welcomes him back to RAW. Zayn mentions that he has been in the city for the past week. He then tells that he likes the city but he can’t stand the people from the city to get some boos.
He says everyone projects their issues onto him and he is sick of it. He would have been thrilled to get such response 9 months ago but now, it makes him sick. He continues his heel rant but Bliss is somewhat starting to turn face when he questions Zayn’s comments. He replies that he may have been borne in Montreal but he has moved out of the city. And as he chose to leave the city then, he is also choosing to leave the city now and goes back.

#7 The IIconics vs Bayley and Naomi

Backstage segment from earlier in the night, Bayley is sending a voice mail to Sasha Banks when the IIconics tells her that if she wants someone to talk to, they are available. Bayley tells them that if they are looking for a fight, she will bring a partner with her and meet them at the ring. Her partner is the new RAW recruit, Naomi.
Bayley lands a few lows on Billie Kay before Naomi is tagged in. Kay lands a huge boot before Peyton Royce tags in. Royce puts Naomi in a sleeper hold and takes down Bayley at the apron. The IIconics team together but Naomi counters with a kick on Kay’s face. Bayley hits the Bayley Belly on Royce and Naomi lands a huge moonsault to get the win.
Winners- Bayley and Naomi with a pinfall

#8 EC3 vs Braun Strowman

Strowman attacks EC3 even before the bell rings. He tosses EC3 a few times around the ring before hit him with body splashes a few times. EC3 is on the run but Strowman even runs after him. He sends 3 through the Titantron and then chokeslams him through the stage. As Strowman rips his vest and growls at the entrance, Becky Lynch’s music hits and she enters. She stares at Strowman and shows her 2 Belts. She makes her way to the ring for her match.

#9 Becky Lynch vs Ruby Riott

Riott lands a punch on Lynch to the women’s champ, but Lynch counters with a few kicks. Lynch lands a kick to Riott and then lands a baseball slide kick on Riott and a distraction from the Riott Squad helps Riott throw Becky to the floor. Becky counters with a kick and a few clotheslines. She then lands the Bexploder before going to the top rope. Riott throws her from the top rope and goes there herself. She then lands on Becky from the second rope. Riott goes for the pinfall but Becky just kicks out. Riott again goes for moonsault from the top but Becky avoids it and put Riott in the Dis-Arm-Her. Logan and Morgan pull her and Becky take them out with a crossbody at the ringside. She comes back to the ring and puts Riott in the Dis-Arm-Her again to get the win.
Winner- Becky Lynch with a submission
Post-match, Morgan, and Logan again attack Becky but Becky takes them both down with bexploders.

Natalya congratulates Becky Lynch and says that she’s proud of all three of the Superstars in the WrestleMania 35 main event. Natalya tells Becky that she’s coming after the RAW women’s title. Becky talks about their journey and how they’ve worked hard to get into the WWE, and also how she’s been underappreciated. Becky was about to announce that it would be a pleasure for her to face Nattie before Lacey Evans interrupts them. Evans announces that she is part of RAW officially and she has got the authority from the McMahons for a match between her and Natalya to determine the no.1 contender for the RAW Women’s Championship.

#10 Natalya vs Lacey Evans – No. 1 Contender’s Match for the RAW Women’s Championship

Nattie gets the upper hand early. Natalya stomps Evans and then lands a dropkick on Evans before she throws her out of the ring.
As we return from the break, Natalya tries to put Evans in the sharpshooter which she avoids. She hits inside cradle and hits a basement slide. Evans sidesteps Natalya in the corner and takes control. She hits some blows and put Nattie in an arm stretch. Natalya rolls her up for a near fall but Evans again hits some elbows and locks in the shoulder. Natalya hits a clothesline and locks in the Sharpshooter. Evans reaches the ropes to force a break after a few attempts. Evans connects the Woman’s Right and follows it up with a moonsault off the top to get the win.
Winner- Lacey Evans with a pinfall

#11 Who will be Rollins and Reigns partner for tonight?

Charlie Caruso with Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins to find out who is their partner going to be at the main event. Rollins teases telling her but says she also has to wait like everyone else to find out.

A Promo with Dollhouse and other toys in the same theme as the Bray Wyatt video from last week. The video ends with a doll on the rocking chair, laughing creepily. Possibly the Sister Abigal Angle.

Drew McIntyre, Baron Corbin, Bobby Lashley, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins make their way to the ring one by one. AJ Styles is now on RAW and will partner with Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins.

#12 AJ Styles, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins vs Drew McIntyre, Baron Corbin and Bobby Lashley

Lashley forces Rollins to the corner and unloads on him. Seth hits a kick and Rollins and Reigns team up to land lofty blows on Lashley. AJ tags in and Lashley picks him up to drive him into his corner. Corbin tags in and squares off with Styles. Styles nails a dropkick until Corbin tags in McIntyre asks for Reigns to come in. Reigns take it to McIntyre with a series of corner clotheslines. McIntyre throws him with a belly to belly. Corbin gets the tag and drives Reigns into the barricade at ringside. He hits a chokeslam backbreaker for a near fall.
Rollins and Corbin are in the ring as Rollins lands a Slingblade on Corbin and a crossbody on McIntyre. Rollins lands a kick to the gut of Corbin, but Corbin rolls out before Rollins can land the Stomp. Corbin is pushed off the rope and Rollins lands the Blockbuster off the top. Styles is tagged in who lands a few quick kicks on Lashley and then lands back to back Pele kicks on Lashley and Corbin. McIntyre comes in and lands the Claymore Kick on Styles before attacking Reigns. McIntyre was setting up the Claymore on Reigns but Rollins superkicks McIntyre and Reigns take him out with the Superman Punch. Styles set up for the Phenomenal Forearm but a distraction from Lio Rush helps Lashley to land a slam. Rollins stomps Lashley to break the pin on Styles and Reigns hits him with the spear. Styles hits the Phenomenal Forearm to get the win.
Winners- AJ Styles, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins with a pinfall

Styles, Rollins and Reigns celebrate as the show goes off air.

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