WWE RAW Live Results and Updates- 1 April 2019

RAW will be live from the Capitol One Arena from the Capital City, Washington on 1 April 2019. It’s the WrestleMania go home show but still, some details are needed to be figured out like whether RAW Tag Team Championship will be carried over to Mania. Stephaine McMahon is also going to announce some major development regarding the WrestleMania main event match. We will keep updating the proceedings here. Please keep refreshing the page for the latest updates. Meanwhile, check the preview for the episode here.

Before the show starts, another news coming out that Kurt Angle vs Rey Mysterio is possibly scrapped for today as the preview for the match is removed from WWE’s website.

1. What’s the big announcement?

Stephaine McMahon comes out to open the show as promised. She stands at the entrance and announces herself as the fourth competitor for the Main Event of WrestleMania for an April Fool’s joke. Coming to the main announcement, it will be the winner takes all match between Ronda, Becky, and Charlotte.

2. The Kingslayer takes down the Beast Incarnate!

Steph leaves after a short and to the point announcement and Brock Lesnar enters with Paul Heyman. Heyman takes the mic amid the usual boos. Heyman makes his version of Winner takes All in regards to Lesnar and hypes him, as usual, mentioning Lesnar beating Undertaker, Roman Reigns and others. He went on to claim that WrestleMania may be Seth Rollins’ last match in his career as Lesnar is going to end his career. He went on and on until Rollins arrives and stands face to face to Lesnar in the ring.
Rollins says that not only WrestleMania is the biggest match of his career but also Lesnar’s career. He tells Lesnar that nobody, Locker Room, stars and fans, wants him here. Lesnar is the most decorated star in the Combat sports and Rollins beating him may be improbable but it is not impossible. Lesnar pushes Rollins when he was leaving. Rollins takes offense and starts the brawl. Lesnar eventually overpowers him and hits a German suplex. Rollins counters F5 and hit a low blow followed by a superkick and the curb stomper on Lesnar. He leaves with Lesnar still on the mat in the ring.

3. Beth Pheonix, Natalya, Sasha Banks, and Bayley vs Nia Jax, Tamina Snuka, Peyton Royce and Billie Kay

Royce and Sasha start. Royce takes Sahas to the corner but Sasha comes back with a punch in the midsection. She takes Royce down with arm drag twice. Sasha tags in Bayley who hits some blows and tags back Sasha. Meanwhile, Royce escapes to tag Kay followed by Natalya tagging herself in. She then tags in Phoenix now who instantly shows her power by lifting her up. Peyton Royce drags her down and Sasha & Bayley come to take her down. There’s already tension between Sasha, Bayley, Nattie, and Beth. Bayley is in control after the break and hits two back to back running knee on Kay. On the third strike, Peyton Royce takes Kay away and Bayley crashes in the corner. Peyton then dominates Bayley for some time. She tries to tag in Nia Jax and Tamina but they refuse to be tagged in. Beth Phoenix tags herself in and she’s fired up. She hits Royce face on the mat and as she charges, Tamina pulls the ropes down for Phoenix to fall hard. An irate Pheonix takes Tamina down with a spear which runs through the barricade. Royce tries to take advantage and slaps her one time too many. She hits the GlamSlam on Royce for the win.
Winner- Beth Pheonix, Natalya, Sasha Banks and Bayley with a pinfall

4. Batista hypes the WrestleMania Match

Batista comes out after the break. The lights in the stadium go off with the spotlight now on Batista in the ring. He is getting a fairly good response from the crowd. Before starting to speak, he takes us to a hype video showing him pinning Triple H on multiple occasions. As soon as the video ends, Batista says, “Kiss my Ass” and drops the mic.

Elias is outside the MetLife stadium. He tells us that there will no interruption at WrestleMania and starts singing ‘Walk with Elias’. He hypes his performance saying that Jay-Z, Beyonce, Bruce Springsteen, they have all played here but after Sunday, nobody will talk about them, it will be all Elias. Nobody will remember Seth Rollins, Brock Lesnar, Becky Lynch, Ronda Rousey or Kofi Kingston on the show, we will be all about him and his WrestleMania Moment when over 80,000 people will decide to walk with Elias.

5. Jinder Mahal vs Apollo Crews – Lumberjack match

Jinder starts the match fine and has Apollo locked in, but Apollo slams him down, kicks him in the midsection, then kicks him in the face and then takes him down with a jumping clothesline. Apollo Crews hits a frog splash on Jinder Mahal for the pin and the win.
Winner- Apollo Crews with a pinfall
After the match, Crews poses with the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal trophy before all the lumberjacks came in the ring to give a demo of how a battle royal works. Each one of the gets thrown over the top rope until it comes down to Titus O’Neil and Apollo Crews. Mahal and the Singh Brothers slide in and send O’Neil out but Apollo dumps each of them in turn.

6. Kurt Angle Farewell!

Kurt Angle makes his way to the ring for the last time on RAW amid the chants of ‘You Suck’. He takes the mic and says that this is his last night at RAW and that he has always appreciated every moment in the ring. All the applause and the boos. He ended his promo with thanking us before we get the video highlighting his career.

Angle is emotional watching the video but Baron Corbin enters too soon. He hypes himself for the WrestleMania before telling us that he is getting frustrated with each and everyone saying to him over the social media that Angle deserves better than him for the last match. Angle asks him to come into the ring and have a match right now instead of WrestleMania. Corbin teases coming into the ring but tells him that he will not be able to make to WrestleMania. Rey Mysterio comes out and tells that someone needs to teach Corbin a lesson in respect. He challenges Corbin for a match which changes into the brawl between three of them. Corbin hits a cheap shot on Rey. Angle goes for the German suplex but Corbin reverses it. Mysterio hits him with the diving senton and Kurt Angle follows it with the Angle Slam.

Charlotte Flair in an interview backstage, she says that she is not concerned about the Women’s Championship Winner Takes All stipulation at WrestleMania. Steph had to change the match because she changed the game, and she’s going to win the match and take it all home. She is a professional, not a hothead or a loose cannon, but after the trios match tonight, Rousey and Lynch better stay the hell away from her or they won’t make it to WrestleMania.

7. Aleister Black & Ricochet vs The Revival – RAW Tag Team Championship Match

Wilder and Black to start. Lockdown, both go to the corner to come to a stalemate. Lock in again, Black with a headlock but Wilder coming on top with some stiff blows after Lariat. Dawson is tagged in and Black takes him down immediately with an armdrag. Ricochet tags in and puts Dawson in an arm stretch. Dawson counters and tags in Wilder. They keep Ricochet in their corner for sometime before Ricochet takes both of the opponents down with double hurricanrana. Black tags in and the double team effort ended with a knee to Wilder’s midsection. Black goes for the top turnbuckle but Dawson and Wilder take him down as his arm goes into the barricade.
The Revival keeping pressure over Black’s arm now. Black finally sweeps down on Dawson and even as Wilder tries to prevent the tag, Black tags Ricochet. He comes in a hit quick moves. He then goes for the quick roll ups three times but is unable to get the tag. Dawson takes a cheap shot on Ricochet and Wilder hits his finisher to get a near fall. Black gets involved with Dawson on the outside. Wilder hits him with a DDT. Ricochet also hits the moonsault on his opponents at the ringside. The Referee starts the count as both Wilder and Ricochet are outside the ring. Wilder makes it to the ring after thrashing Ricochet into the barricade. Dawson, who is under the ring, pulls Ricochet’s leg as he tries to make it to the ring. 10 counts get over and Revival wins with the count out.
Winner- The Revival with a count out
After the match, Aleister Black connects the Black Mass on both Wilder and Dawson while Ricochet takes them down with a crossbody off the top. But they could only stand in frustration after losing the match.

8. Backstage Promos- Ronda Rousey, Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman and Becky Lynch

Ronda Rousey, shadowboxing backstage when Caruso rolls up for an interview. Ronda cuts Caruso off and says she is not in a mood to talk and she doesn’t care what stipulations the McMahons put into place, WrestleMania is going to be judgment day for all of them.

Tyler Breeze is talking with Alexa Bliss while EC3 stands next to them. Bliss says what a great job she’s doing hosting WrestleMania and they all start laughing at the SNL guys and Braun Strowman story. Braun rolls up to ask what they are laughing at. They told him that their friends over there were watching last week’s Weekend Update. Strowman stalks off and confronts the two guys down the hallway and shouts on them. He tells them that he will call them Colin Jost and Michael Che and that either they can meet him in the ring tonight or they can meet him backstage and ‘Get These Hands’.

Roman Reigns in a backstage interview, asked about whether he is 100% ready physically for WrestleMania match. He was replying that he is completely ready when McIntyre attacks him. McIntyre keeps shouting that he should have said no to the match. The backstage crew takes him away but Reigns is still feeling the attack.

Becky in the interview backstage, says she is leaving Sunday by becoming the first ever Raw and SmackDown Women’s Champion. Who cares what Charlotte has to say? And Ronda, she’s beat her months ago when she triggered Rousey’s god complex. So tonight they are forcing her to tag with them and hoping she loses her cool so they can kick her out of the match, but she is wise to their game. She knows the only way to make sure they can’t sink her after WrestleMania is to take home all the gold, and the other two might talk about how they want to make history, well she has no choice but to make history.

9. The Riott Squad vs Becky Lynch, Ronda Rousey & Charlotte Flair

Charlotte starts with Sarah Logan. She keeps complete control and performs Ric Flair’s famous walk. Becky tags herself in, mocks Charlotte and persuades her to punch her. Ruby gets the tag and comes in to face Becky. Becky also keeps control until Ruby has to move away from the ring to regroup.
Back from the break, Sarah is keeping control over Becky. Becky hits a missile dropkick on Sarah. Ruby comes in and eats a suplex. Sarah tags in again to put Becky under a submission move. Becky counters and Morgan tags in. Becky takes her down with an exploder. Charlotte tags herself in and Becky and she start arguing when Ronda tags herself. Morgan tries to roll up Ronda but gets into the armbar to submit.
Winner- Becky Lynch, Ronda Rousey & Charlotte Flair with a submission

10. The Greatest Brawl of them all!

Ronda attacks Charlotte as soon as the match gets over. Becky also gets involved. A small Police Battalion comes into the ring to keep the situation under control. Becky and Charlotte are handcuffed but Becky somehow breaks the handcuffs and attacks Ronda again. After she is handcuffed again, Charlotte attacks Ronda to get herself handcuffed. Even after this, all three of them are trying to continue with the brawling. They are taken backstage where Ronda and Becky are put into the same Police Car. They start to kick each other and end up breaking the car window. Becky is taken out of the car when Charlotte attacks her. Becky is put in other Police Car and Ronda tries to run it down with the other car. Police finally leaves with Ronda and Becky in different cars and Charlotte is left standing, still in handcuffs.

11. Bobby Roode and Chad Gable vs The Heavy Machinery – Tag Team Match

Otis takes down Gable and tags in Tucker. They hit him with double team splash before Gable counters with a northern lights suplex before tagging Roode for a double team . Roode keeps control to get a near fall. Lacey Evans makes her entrance to cause a distraction. She goes away after waving at the crowd from the ramp. Tucker gets the control back with an elbow strike. Otis is tagged in and hits some ‘heavy’ moves on Roode. Otis knocks Gable off of the apron and plants Bobby in the corner. He lines up and performs the caterpillar. Gable breaks up the pin. Gable ends up being pinned after Heavy Machinery hit him with the compactor for the win.
Winner- The Heavy Machinery with a pinfall
Some tension is shown between Roode and Gable after the match.

12. Braun Strowman vs some Enhancement Talents – Handicapped Match

Strowman tells the two guys he is going to treat them like they are Colin Jost and Michael Che. Strowman starts squashing his opponents and throws them out of the ring. He hits them with the running track, not once but twice. He takes them back to ring and to hit them with powerslams separately. He then picks both of them together and hits them again with a double powerslam. He pins both of them to get the win.
Winner- Braun Strowman with a pinfall

13. Demon is on the way, Bobby!

Charlie Caruso with Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush in the ring. She asks if Lashley is concerned with Balor taking the win over him in the handicapped match last week. Rush takes the mic and tells her that it was Jinder Mahal who took the pin, not Lashley. Charlie then tells Lashley that Balor’s demon persona is rumored to appear at Mania to which Lashley replies that he does not care about the Irish fairytale. Fin Balor is the demon and Demon is Finn Balor.
Balor appears at the Titantron and tells Lashley that he always has demons inside him but at WrestleMania, his demons will become Lashley’s demons. Some smoke comes around Balor and he turns into the Demon which confirms that he will be appearing as the Demon at WrestleMania 35.

14. Rey Mystreio vs Baron Corbin

Corbin corners Rey but it was Rey who hits the first move. Corbin prevents a lariat but Rey slides out of the ring and hits a dropkick. Corbin grabs Mysterio for a powerbomb and Rey turns it into a hurricanrana that sends him over the top rope. Corbin lays him out with a stiff right hand.
Corbin thrashes Rey’s back into the barricade as we return from the break. Back in the ring, Rey is put on the top turnbuckle and hit with some stiff blows. Rey tries to counter but Corbin keeps control. He then hits some kicks on Rey’s calf which forces Rey to move out of the ring. Corbin then throws him into the barricade near the timekeeper’s area. Back in the ring, Rey is selling his injuries. He catches Corbin with a surprise kick but Corbin slams him into the mat before throwing him out of the ring. The referee starts counting when Corbin tries to pull Rey back into the ring. Rey counters with shoulder block at the apron only to be thrashed into the ring post.
Rey finally catches Corbin into a sleeper hold. Corbin throws him to the turnbuckle where Rey moves away from the splash and hits a hurricanrana. He then hits a tornado DDT to get the near fall. Rey takes down Corbin to the rope and hits the 619 but Corbin avoids the splash off the top. Corbin goes for the powerbomb, Rey counters with some punches but finally gets hit by the End of Days as Corbin got the pin.
Winner- Baron Corbin with a pinfall

Corbin was celebrating at the entrance when Kurt Angle attack him and puts him in the Anklelock. Some Referees come up and Angle leaves the hold. The show ends with the recap of Ronda, Becky and Charlotte’s arrest.

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