WWE RAW Preview- 1 June 2020: Rollins Retires Mysterio, Champion vs Champion

Aleister Black vs Seth Rollins
Aleister Black vs Seth Rollins on WWE RAW 1 June 2020

Check out the preview and matches announced for WWE Monday Night RAW episode of 1 June 2020(6/1/2020).

The build-up for WWE Backlash 2020 continues on WWE RAW tonight along with more storylines. Let’s check out.

Seth Rollins Retires Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio has been the latest victim of Seth Rollins’ crusade to take the wrestling world onto the next level. Three weeks back, Rollins injured Mysterio’s eye by using the steel steps, which he is claiming to be Mysterio’s last act as a WWE Superstar. Tonight on RAW, he will host the retirement ceremony for Mysterio.

There has been reports that Mysterio’s contract was close to the end. However, this does not seem to be the end of his journey just yet. There are also reports of Rey’s son Dominic getting involved once again in the storyline. We will have to wait and see how that all turns out.

Seth Rollins vs Aleister Black

Apart from the aforementioned ceremony, Rollins will also face Black in a singles match. Black’s feud with Rollins’ disciple Murphy is old but it got restarted the same night Mysterio was injured. And is finally leading to this encounter. Will Black’s dominance continue, or will Rollins find some way to get the win once again?

Champion vs Champion- Asuka vs Charlotte Flair

Asuka vs Flair– we have seen this match before and in larger capacity- RAW Women’s Title match at WrestleMania 34 and SmackDown title match last year in March. Both times, Flair managed to get a win. In fact, with her win at WrestleMania 34, Flair broke Asuka’s unbeaten streak of over 500 days.

The same will be the intrigue here, whether Asuka could get his first win over Charlotte or not. Since she is starting a new title reign, it seems more possible. But how will two high profile losses in two weeks will affect Flair here?

Apollo Crews Against Mystery Opponent

New United States Champion Apollo Crews will be defending his title just a week after he won it. He will be facing an opponent of his choosing here though. Will it again be Andrade, or his tag team partner Angel Garza? Or someone new in this storyline. Lets see.

What More to Expect?

  • Drew McIntyre – Bobby Lashley storyline going forward
  • The Street Profits & The Viking Raiders’ competition outside the ring
  • Nia Jax vs Kairi Sane match where Sane was reportedly busted open

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