RAW Preview- 4 March 2019: Bautista-Triple H; Shield Reunion

RAW 4 March 19
RAW 4 March 19

Just 6 days before Fastlane, this week’s RAW will be live from Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia to deal with the fallout from last week’s developments. Below are the segments advertised along with our preview. But if we go by the trends in the last few weeks, expect some more shocks from the episode.

Animalistic aggression

The return of Bautista will be remembered as one of the best returning segments of WWE for a long time to come along with being one of the best starts of a storyline. To keep this momentum from here will be another challenge. How could Triple H possibly respond to Bautista’s challenge now? It has been a while that we did not see the ruthless side of Triple H and combine it with the animalistic instinct of Bautista, we will get some explosive storyline.

What is the status of the Raw Women’s Championship?

Ronda has relinquished the Women’s title and Charlotte is coming to RAW hoping to be crowned the champion. Will the McMahon’s bugde to Ronda’s demand to reinstate Becky to control the situation or will we get a new champion? And remember those Becky vs Charlotte rumors for Fastlane? That is still quite a possibility.

Is a Shield reunion on the horizon?

With Roman Reigns returning last week and making a save for Dean Ambrose with Seth Rollins, definitely, the Shield reunion rumors are on the high. And by advertising this segment, WWE has certainly put their stamp on it. Shield vs Baron Corbin, Lashley and Drew McIntyre is said to be in the making for Fastlane.

Intercontinental and Extraordinary

Lio Rush was first introduced as the sidekick for Lashley but last week he worked in the Intercontinental title match against Finn Balor. Will we see this storyline to be stretched further or some other challenger will emerge?

What more to expect?

  • More buildup for the Women’s Tag Team title match for Fastlane.
  • Will the NXT stars be featured again this week?
  • Who will disturb Elias this week?

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