RAW Preview: 10th February 2019(updated)

RAW will be live from Van Andel Arena, Grand Rapids, MI on 10th February. WWE has advertised the below segments for the episode:

Becky Lynch invited by McMahons- Round 2

Last week, Becky Lynch was suspended from WWE by Stephanie McMahon when she denied the medical examination on an injured knee. Then, Becky went on to attack Stephaine on RAW and then slapped Triple H on SmackDown the following night. This week again, she is asked to come in for discussions. In the preview of this episode, wwe.com reads -‘Will Becky’s rash actions of a week ago have an impact on either her suspension or her anticipated WrestleMania clash against Ronda Rousey for the Raw Women’s Championship? ‘

Riott Squad to get even with Ronda

Last week, Ronda Rousey battered two members of the Riott Squad- Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan with Ruby Riott opting to take care of her injured teammates than facing Ronda. Yesterday, Ruby vs Ronda was announced for Elimination Chamber. With the title match looming in a week’s time, will Riott Squad attack Ronda to avenge last week’s beating?

Finn Balor to get Intercontinental Title Match

Last week, an Intercontinental Championship Match was advertised between Bobby Lashley and Finn Balor but instead, we saw Lashley coming out and telling Balor to first beat Lio Rush to get the title shot. Now since Balor has defeated Lio Rush in last week’s match, it remains to be seen whether the title would be defended on RAW or at Elimination Chamber.

Dana Brooke vs Natalya?

After losing the Tag Team Championship Qualifiers match at the hands of Riott Squad, Natalya was visibly disgusted with Dana Brooke who was pinned in the match. Last week, Dana told Nattie that he will ask WWE authorities to book them against each other. Will the match be confirmed for RAW or will it be on Elimination Chamber?

What’s next Kurt Angle?

Kurt Angle and Braun Strowman may have lost their tag team match against Baron Corbin and Drew McIntyre last week by DQ but they had the last laugh when they overpowered both of their opponents in the post-match brawl. Prior to that, Angle was about to announce something big when he was interrupted by Corbin. WWE has again teased some segment with Angle for this week.

Apart from this, we can see the build-up and some announcements for Elimination Chamber matches. RAW tag team championship storyline with the Revival to move ahead.

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