WWE RAW 7 October 2019: Live Results- Post Hell in a Cell

WWE RAW 7 October 2019: Live Results & Updates – Page 4

Miz TV with The Man and The Queen

Miz enters and does his usual intro for MizTV. Miz says Premiere Week was huge for WWE before he introduces his first guest for tonight, RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch. The pyro goes off for her and Lynch takes a seat amid huge cheers and chants. Charlotte Flair is next in. Miz brings up their wins at Hell in a Cell. As the Miz goes on about Becky’s done in the last year, fans chant her name. Becky says accomplishments are great, making history is great, but the fact of the matter is that last night Banks beat her all the way through Hell, and she’ll probably never be as banged up as she is today.

Miz says someone else got her ass kicked last night – Bayley, by Charlotte to win the SmackDown Women’s Title. Miz calls it a milestone win for being her 10th title run on the main roster. Flair says it’s good to be the Queen. Miz brings up the WWE Draft now and how it can change things. Miz refers to them as the two most dominant women in WWE. Flair says he could just say dominant. There is some tension between Flair and Lynch now. Lynch says Flair is sitting over there with the belt she has made famous. Flair says she made Lynch herself famous.

They take shots at each other until Asuka and Kairi Sane hit the ramp and speaks something in Japanese. They laugh among themselves to something I assume is funny. Asuka says something and Becky tells her that she has been waiting for this for some time. Kairi and Asuka hit the ring and all 4 start to brawl. Becky takes Sane down and goes for the DisArmHer but she slips out. A referee comes in to restore some order. Becky and Flair then hit basement slide dropkicks on both the opponents to take us to the break.

Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair vs Kabuki Warriors(Asuka & Kairi Sane)

Becky and Asuka start by circling around. Asuka takes down Becky with a running tackle before they start circling again. Asuka decks Becky which infuriates her. Becky corners her and starts unloading. Becky ends up at the apron and Asuka sends her to the floor with a hip attack. Sane is tagged in for double team moves.

Becky dodges a dive and hits a heel kick on Sane. Both women go down and tags their partners. Charlotte takes control as Asuka runs into a shoulder block. The Queen hits a flurry of chops and a back suplex before a moonsault on both Kakuki Warriors at the ringside. Sane provides a distraction and Asuka is able to take control with a kick to the ribs.

Sane jump off the top turnbuckle but Flair catches her for a fallaway slam. Becky gets the tag and takes it to Kairi Sane with some quick offense. Asuka tries to help but gets thrown outside with the Bexploder. Becky hits a missile dropkick to Asuka but misses Sane. Sane decks her with a backfist before climbing to the top rope. Lynch cuts her off and goes to the top herself. Asuka cuts her off but Flair levels her with a big boot. Flair is kicked in the knee but Becky catches Sane in the DisArmHer. As the referee checks on Flair, Asuka spits green mist in Becky’s face and Sane is able to roll her up for the win.

Winners- Kabuki Warriors

Becky rolls out of the ring and Kabuki Warriors are assaulting Flair. Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross run in to make the save. Nikki sends Asuka to the outside and hits the swinging neckbreaker on Sane. Sane also eats a DDT from Bliss.

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