WWE RAW Live Results- 28 October 2019: Crown Jewel Go-Home

Charly Caruso is with Seth Rollins. Rollins is acting made and tells us that he accepted tonight’s Falls Count Anywhere match because he always fights. Rollins goes on and says he knows Bray Wyatt will take it to another level on Thursday at Crown Jewel because Rollins himself took it to another level when he burned down the Firefly Fun House. He goes on about Wyatt and The Fiend and that he’s ready for Crown Jewel.

Seth Rollins vs Erick Rowan – Falls Count Anywhere Match

Rollins starts with a dropkick and gets some punches going. He runs off the ropes to hit some forearms but Rowan is no selling them. Rowan puts him in the corner and Rollins gets his boots up. He continues to fight Rowan and even low bridges him out of the ring. Rowan gets the upper hand outside the ring and slams Rollins into the barricade. He throws Rollins around the ring and drops him on the barricade with a side suplex. Rowan hits a big boot for a two count at ringside. Rowan drags Rollins into the crowd and through a hallway to the concourse. Seth uses a stanchion as a weapon. Rowan throws him into a merchandise table and slams him through it for a two count.

Rollins and Rowan back near the ring. He sends Rowan into the steel steps a couple of times. He hits a pair of suicide dives. Rowan counters the third with a steel step. Rollins is able to shove him into the steel steps again. Rowan blocks another suicide dive with the steps and he hits a running dropkick when he gets back into the ring. He takes Seth down with a running crossbody for two. Rowan slams his ribs into the ring post and gets another two-count. Rowan picks him up in the fireman’s carry and takes him to the ramp. Rollins slips out and lands some punches but Rowan hits a forearm to keep the upper hand.

Rowan clears the announce table and tries to slam Rollins through it. Rollins counters and hits the superkick and then a stomp on the table. He covers but gets only two-count. Rollins dives on Rowan in the production area. He slams the chair a couple of times until Rowan catches the chair and throws him into a stock of steel polls. Rollins dodges when Rowan throws a crate at him. He hits him with a ladder and hits a stomp on the Ladder. Rollins uses the forklift and lowers it on Rowan’s chest. He stands on top of the lift and gets the pin.

Winner- Seth Rollins

Aleister Black with another backstage promo. He tells us that madness is doing the same thing over and expecting a different outcome. His outcomes have been the same and he doesn’t want them to change. He goes on and says he will make sure his next opponent has an intimate relationship with fear, right before he takes their head off.

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