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R-Truth vs Buddy Murphy

R-Truth heads to the ring while rapping, for his match against Buddy Muphy. After the break, Charly Caruso gets into the ring for a short interview with Truth. She asks her about how Sunil and Samir managed to take the 24/7 title away from him. Truth tells us that he knew there were two of them, so he has also got another set of eyes. He brings out the spectacles and tells us when he will win the title back, he will become the 52 times 48/7 7/11 and something-something European something champion….. Buddy Murphy heads out to the ring to cut him off. Murphy cuts a short promo before they start the match.

They lock up and counter each other before Murphy hits an elbow. He corners Truth to hit a series of kicks and punches. Truth fires back and hits a headscissor takedown. Buddy hits a combination of kicks before Truth hits a heel kick for a two count. The Singhs run down to the ring followed by a bunch of other wrestlers. They all are running around the ring and Truth ultimately joins the chase for the 24/7 championship. When he gets back in the ring, Murphy drills him with a knee to get the pin.

Winner- Buddy Murphy

Murphy stands tall in the ring celebrating. The Singhs run-off through the crowd and Truth also does the same after he recovers.

We Want the Smoke!!

Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins come out and dance their way from the crowd. They deliver a quick promo reminding th audience about their RAW Debut match last weed. They get the crowd to chant their catchphrase- “We want the Smoke”. The segment ends abruptly as they head back from the crowd.

Drew McIntyre vs Ricochet

Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair are out to be in the corner of their team members. Ricochet and Drew McIntyre come out to represent their teams. Ricochet hits a dive through the ropes before the bell. He brings Drew into the ring and the ref starts the match. Ricochet sends him back out of the ring and hits a dive over the top rope. McIntyre counters a springboard and drops him on the top rope. He goes after Ricochet at ringside with a flurry of offensive maneuvers.

McIntyre lays Ricochet out with a boot and hits a leg drop before he gets out of the ring and gets in Hogan’s face. The powerhouse dominates his smaller opponent for the next few minutes with power moves and submissions. The One and Only tries to make a comeback but ends up on the receiving end of a huge back body drop. McIntyre throws him into the turnbuckle with a Razor’s Edge. McIntyre is still in control as we return from the break.

Ricochet counters another buckle bomb with a hurricanrana that sends Drew into the top turnbuckle. Ric nails him with an enziguiri but McIntyre is still first to his feet. He hits a springboard moonsault for a near fall. McIntyre hits a reverse Alabama slam for a close two count. He drills Ricochet with a headbutt and a clothesline for another near fall as the crowd chants “This is awesome.” D-Mac ends running into a kick when he lines up for the Claymore. Ricochet heads to the top rope. McIntyre avoids the 450 and Randy Orton runs in to deliver an RKO to Ricochet out of nowhere.

Winner- Ricochet

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