WWE RAW Live Results and Updates- 4 March 2019

RAW 4 March 19
RAW 4 March 19

This week’s RAW episode will be live from Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia and is supposed to open with a segment from Triple H and Batista. Also, what will be done with RAW Women’s Championship remains to seen after Ronda Rousey relinquished the title last week. Apart from this some more matches for Fastlane are supposed to be announced along with the usual promise of matches from NXT call ups. You can check our preview for the episode here.

1. Roman’s Wish!

Roman Reigns opens the show for the second week in a row. This is what people get sick of!! Too much of Reigns! He is soaking in the reception from the crowd as we get the highlights of his return from last week- remission announcement and making the save on Ambrose. The crowd is electric as it would generally be for a returning superstar while Roman is seemingly emotional. He starts with saying that at Atlanta it was a comeback and this week in Phili, he will take his yard back. But, there is one man standing in his way, and that is his brother Seth Rollins. He calls out Seth Rollins.

Seth Rollins says that he will take inspiration from Roman and will bring the title to RAW every week by slaying the beast. He then says it’s hard to vacate the title and Roman deserves the title. Roman gives his blessings to Rollins the title but he wants to get the Shield to reunite again for one last time as a favour. Rollins refuses but Roman tries to convince him by saying he has different priorities now and he thinks getting the band back together would be good. Crowd gets back behind him and finally, Rollins agrees. Roman calls out Ambrose but he makes everyone wait for a while as the crowd gets excited. Ambrose takes the mic at the entrance but before he could say anything Elias smashes a guitar over his back and runs away before Rollins and Reigns could get there. Ambrose gets back to his feet after withering in pain for some time and leaves without saying anything.

Backstage, Charly Caruso interviews Drew McIntyre, Baron Corbin, and Bobby Lashley. McIntyre says that he broke the Shield months ago and it makes him sick that they are living in the past. They tell us that they will take on Finn Balor, Braun Strowman and Kurt Angle.

2. Kurt Angle, Finn Balor and Braun Strowman vs. Baron Corbin, Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre 

Strowman attacks Corbin right away and sends him out of the ring with a clothesline before sending him in the barricade with a running shoulder tackle. They get back to the ring and McIntyre is tagged in and tries to take the upper hand but Strowman comes back with a punch and tags in Balor. McIntyre takes him down and tags in Lashley. Lashley goes for the powerbomb but Balor counters with punches and avoids a running shoulder block to send him outside instead. He also takes out Corbin and hits a suicide dive on the outside. He sends McIntyre out as well but his second dive attempt is stopped by Lio Rush.

Corbin hits Deep Six on Balor. Balor tries to fight back but ends up being hit by a clothesline from Corbin. McIntyre is tagged in and he hits a suplex to get a near fall. He puts Balor in a shoulder stretch. Balor fights out of it in the corner and tags in Angle. He hits McIntyre with a trio of German suplexes. McIntyre counters the Angle slam but Angle puts on the Ankle Lock. Angle releases the hold to hit Lashley with a German suplex but McIntyre takes advantage of the distraction to hit Glasgow Kiss.

Angle tags in Strowman after avoiding Corbin. He takes down everyone on the opposing team before He hits Corbin with a powerslam and tags Balor to hit the Coup de Grace. Rush interferes and Finn chases him around the ring. Lashley catches him and rams him into the ring post. Strowman charges on Lashley outside but runs Rush through the barricade. Lashley gets tagged in and hits a spear on Balor to get the win.

Winner- Baron Corbin, Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre with a pinfall

The winners take out the punishment on Balor and Angle after the match. McIntyre hits the Claymore kick on Balor and Corbin and Lashley drive him into the steel steps.

Heavy Machinery is interviewed backstage and they are shown a clip of the other Raw tag teams talking about them. Otis is furious over the comments. He says he is sensitive and that hurt his feelings. Tucker says he is gonna make it right by getting a Gauntlet match fixed for later.

3. Natalya vs Ruby Riott

Ruby takes down Nattie and slams her to the floor face first on the floor and then into the turnbuckle. She puts her in the chinlock then. Natalya comes out of it with an arm drag and hits a suplex. She locks Ruby in the sharpshooter. Ruby counters it and tries to roll up Nattie. Nattie counters it with a lateral press to get the pinfall.

Winner- Natalya with a pinfall

Lacy Evans comes out for her customary Ramp walk after the match.

Stephanie McMahon is backstage Michael and Colin, the hosts of Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update. They are excited to be here and that they are going to WrestleMania. Stephanie tries to warn them and Colin says he wrestled in high school and still has a singlet.

4. Triple H Addressed Bautista

Bautista has earlier posted on Instagram that he won’t be attending to RAW tonight because he has other obligations and because he doesn’t like Philly. Maybe he will attend RAW at Pittsburgh or maybe he won’t.
Hunter talks about how honoured he was to introduce Flair on his birthday. Hunter actually calls Ric Flair with his real name Richard Fliehr and talks about the real man behind the character. He jokes about not being able to make it to all of Ric’s weddings, but he was there when Ric buried his son. He says that everyone knew that Batista had called him out for a while. He says that when he got injured in November, Batista didn’t quit to get what he wanted. Triple H calls out how pathetic it was to attack a 70-year old man just to get his attention. He says that he can come to Batista’s house, or Batista can come to his. He doesn’t care if its on a movie set. He tells Batista to have some balls and show up, get face to face to him to ask what he wants.

Caruso with Stephaine backstage. Steph says that what Ronda did with the title was disrespectful. But they are taking off all the charges on Becky and her suspension is lifted. Becky will be at the arena tonight.
She has to sign a hold-harmless agreement – stating that if she gets hurt, WWE won’t be responsible at Fastlane, since it will be Becky Lynch vs Charlotte Flair at Fastlane for the RAW Women’s Championship.

Roman Reigns approaches Dean Ambrose to talk. Reigns ask why he’s standing in that shady area when they have a locker room which they can share anytime. Ambrose just says that he needs to get ready for his match against Elias later.

5. Heavy Machinery vs the B Team vs the Ascension vs Ryder and Hawkins- Gauntlet Match

Axel tries to mock Otis after the bell, so Otis runs him over. Tucker tags in and they hit a double team move for a two-count. Axel and Dallas take control momentarily, but Tucker uses some unique offence to take them down. They hit their finisher on Dallas for a very fast win.

The Ascension are the next team to enter. Konnor hits a boot to the face. Otis recovers and knocks him down with a shoulder. Konnor pushes Tucker to the corner for some double team. Knight avoids a charging Konnor and both men make the tag to their partners. Otis takes control and throws Viktor with a suplex. He hits a corner splash to get the pin.

Hawkins jumps right on Otis to get an advantage. Otis hits a slam to Hawkins. He does the caterpillar into an elbow drop for the pin and the win.

Winner- Heavy Machinery

Charlotte with Caruso for the interview backstage. Charlotte says that Becky will sign the agreement on the dotted line due to her arrogance. She claims that she will become the RAW Women’s Champion at Fastlane.

It’s Rollins turn to talk to Ambrose. Rollins tells Ambrose that brother does fight with each other and that they now have a chance to do it right and unite the Shield again. Ambrose says that he can’t do it and wants to focus on his match with Elias. He appreciates the help from last week but will take of Elias now,

6. Elias vs Dean Ambrose

Elias again disses the crowd in his song. That goes on for so long before finally, Ambrose came out for the match. Ambrose starts with forearms. Elias comes back with a chop but Ambrose hits the flying forearm off the rope. Dean clotheslines him over the top rope to the floor and slams his head into the barrier. He brings him back in and again clotheslines him to send out on the other side. Elias sells the clothesline by going into the barricade.
After the break, Elias is in the control and hits the Old School and some kicks on Dean and drives him outside. Ambrose comes back with a suicide dive on Elias. He picks up some momentum with clothesline and forearms but Elias takes control after a punch at the back of the head. He hits Dean with some blows before Dean hits a neckbreaker. Dean takes time to go to the top turnbuckle due to the Guitar strike earlier in the night by Elias, giving Elias time to counter with a jumping knee. Elias hits the Drift Away to get the win.

Winner- Elias with a pinfall

7. Shield Reunites!

Reigns and Rollins come out after the match as we head to the break. Roman and Rollins ask Ambrose to make things right off the mic but Ambrose moves out of the ring and leaves from the crowd like they use to do in their Shield days. He was mid-way up the stairs when Corbin, McIntyre, and Lashley come out. McIntyre says that he wanted the Shield to challenge for a match at Fastlane but they are not the hounds of Justice anymore but only three broken men.

They attack Roman and Seth who got outnumbered until Ambrose gives in and runs back to help them out. Dean, Roman, and Seth take out their opponent, Seth and Roman join their fists for the Shield’s signature pose but Ambrose resists. He finally gives in and officially unites the shield.

We cut to Becky Lynch backstage in on his crutch.

8. Tamina Snuka vs Sasha Banks

Tamina goes after Sasha right away. Sasha sidesteps her at the turnbuckle and hits a jumping knee to come back. She continues with knees and kicks until Tamina picks her up and slams her into the turnbuckle. After a roll up Tamina comes back with a huge uppercut. Banks counters at the turnbuckle and locks in the Bank statement. Nia pulls Tamina out. Bayley is taken out by Nia when she tries to run her down. Sasha hits a Meteora on Nia from the apron. Tamina throws Sasha into the ring, only for Sasha to spin and kick her face. Jax ran a distraction and Tamina hits her with superkick for the pin.

Winner-Tamina Snuka with a pinfall

Colin Jost(SNL host) gets confronted by Braun Strowman. There’s a lot of tension and Colin Jost asks if any of this stuff is even real. He gets choked and lifted up by Strowman.

Back from the commercial, Braun is still choking Colin while the backstage crew including Adam Pearce and Fit Finlay, have shown up to get him to let go. Strowman finally let him go, and he tells Colin he will see him at WrestleMania.

9. The Revival vs Aleister Black and Ricochet

Aleister Black and Ricochet cut a promo backstage before coming out. Black starts with forearms and punches on both members of Revival. Wilder gets him into the corner and tags in Dawson for some double team attack. Dawson keeps pressure for some time before Black hits a springboard moonsault. Bobby Roode and Chad Gable, the former tag team champs, walk down the ramp as we head to the break.

Dawson keeping control over Black. Black counters with an arm drag and high knee but was unable to tag. Black finally trips both Dawson and Wilder and tags in Ricochet who takes them out with some high speed and high flying moves. Revival goes out of the ring and Roode and Gable attacks them to cause a disqualification.

Winner- The Revival by disqualification

Gable and Roode come into the ring to confront Black and Ricochet. They argue for some time before starting a brawl which ended when the former RAW tag team champions were sent out of the ring. Black and Ricochet ended the segment with the backflips in the ring.

10. Becky signs the agreement

Stephaine comes out to the ring holding the RAW Women’s Championship belt. She takes us to the recap of how Ronda left the belt in the ring and walked away. Then, she calls out Charlotte. As the crowd started booing them, both of them woo like Ric Flair before Steph calls out Becky. Becky comes out on the crutches, hobbling and somehow gets into the ring.

Steph tells Becky that she needs to sign the hold-harmless agreement to get the match at Fastlane. Charlotte mocks Becky and they were about to start the brawl again but Steph asks them to stop. Becky signs the agreement and the match is official. Then we get to see an irate Ronda Rousey storming at backstage, coming towards the ring as Becky and Charlotte continue to argue in the ring.

11. Ronda turns heel!

Rousey comes to the ring after the break and asks Stephanie what she is doing. Ronda says she never relinquished the title and was just giving them a week to think about including Becky in the title match. Ronda gets her title back. Stephaine then announced a different match between Becky and Charlotte at Fastlane. If Becky wins, she gets added to the WrestleMania match between Flair and Rousey. Ronda suddenly turns aggressive and says she makes them too much money and McMahons can not fire her. Rousey talks about the crowd turning on her and supporting Becky.

Ronda then attacks Charlotte and Becky to complete her heel turn. Charlotte gets out of the ring after getting some blows. Ronda then assaults Becky before putting her in armbar. Charlotte tried to interfere but ended thinks against it. Becky tries to fight Ronda but is taken down again for another armbar. Ronda steps on Becky’s neck and poses with her title as Charlotte looks from the ramp.

Stephanie McMahon is interviewed backstage. She denies that she did Ronda a favour. She adds that Ronda has showed her true colours and proved her right all along.

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