WWE RAW Live Results and Updates- 10 June 2019

Paul Heyman’s Threat

Paul Heyman is in the ring as we come back from the break and asks the crowd how can they cheer for a champion who hit Brock Lesnar over and over and over…… with steel chair. They will not tell in advance when are they going to cash in the MITB Breifcase, whether it will be this week, or next or next. He is not insuniating that Lesnar will be the special guest referee at Stomping Grounds in the match between Baron Corbin and Seth Rollins. Or that he will give a beatdown to Rollins that will be beyond the PG era. And this is not an insuniation or prediction or spoiler, it is a threat.

R-Truth, Carmella, Drake Maverick, EC3, Heath Slater and Cedric Alexander are still stuck in the elevator. Things are turning claustrophobic for them. R-Truth mistakes Drake Maverick as Hornswoggle while EC3 is also turning on Maverick. Carmella tries to keep everyone calm.

The IIconics defeated Local Talent

The IIconics cut a pre-match promo where they mentioned that are the longest reigning Women’s tag team champions and how gruelling their schedule has been. They have brought some local talent to face them. They start the match after taking the shot at San Jose’s football team.

Billie Kay kicks one of the opponents in the midsection and takes down the other at the apron. Peyton comes in and The IIconics pose on top of their opponent. The opponent hits her with a knee. She beats her down with the knees and then a double team knee to get the win.

Shane McMahon Celebrates Best in the World Victory

Shane McMahon praises Roman Reigns for all he has done in WWE, including beating Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker. However, he does not hold a win over Shane McMahon. He thanks Drew McIntyre, and says that Roman Reigns does not have enough to beat Shane McMahon. Drew McIntyre says that he is going to hurt Roman Reigns at WWE Stomping Grounds when he comes face to face with him. Shane McMahon says the time has come to celebrate and pours out drinks. He pours out into his Best in the World Cup and drinks from it. Shane also calls out the Revival to celebrate with him and tells him that they need to bring in some gold from their title match which is next.

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