WWE RAW Live Results and Updates- 14 January 2019

WWE Monday Night RAW would be live from FedEx Forum in Memphis, Tennessee on January 14, 2019, as the build-up for Royal Rumble 2019 and ultimately Wrestle Mania 35 continues. The latest updates and all the results from the night will be available here as it happens.

Strauman, Corbin, A Song, and Limo!!

The show started with a shot of Mr. McMahon coming entering backstage in his Limo. Braun Strowman made his way to the ring as the crowd chanted, “Get These Hands!”. Strowman said Lesner is afraid of him ever since he had the Money in the Bank case and it was Lesner who asked Baron Corbin to attack him from the back which got his hand injured. Baron Corbin entered. On Strowman’s cue, the crowd started chanting, “you got fired!”. Corbin asked Braun to stop lying and letting the people who believe in him down. He further said that while Strowman is busy with lying, Baron will focus on winning the Royal Rumble and going to the main event of WrestleMania.

Braun chased Corbin backstage but loses him. Elias was singing a song describing what just happened. The song pointed out that Corbin is in McMahon’s Limo. Strowman shattered the window glass of the Limo using a steel pipe. Corbin popped out of the other side and Mr. McMahon came to the scene. He shouted on Strowman and fined him $100,000. When Strowman protested by saying that “this piece of crap” Limo isn’t worth this much, Mr. McMahon canceled his Royal Rumble title match as a punishment.

Ronda Rousey and Sasha Banks vs Nia Jax and Tamina – Tag Team Match

Sasha and Nia Jax started the match. Sasha hit Jax with a rolling hurricanrana. Nia countered a sunset flip but Banks kept escaping Nia until she locked Nia in a sleeper hold. She followed it up with a bulldog and sliding knee before she tagged in Rousey. Jax cornered Rousey and tagged Tamina. Rousey got the upper hand and Tamina went out of the ring for regaining composure. Nia Jax hit a powerbomb on Sasha and kept her locked for submission. Tamina tagged in and took a cheap shot at Rousey. Sasha locked Tamina in the Bank Statement to get the submission win.

Winner – Sasha Banks and Ronda Rousey by submission

An interviewer rolled up after the match. Ronda said beating Sasha would be her greatest accomplishment to which Sasha took offense and replied that she will force Ronda to tap out to the Bank Statement at Royal Rumble. The arguments continued backstage with Bayley and Natalya also getting involved. After Ronda and Sasha were sent away by them, the Riott Squad showed up and challenged for a trios tag team match.

The Revival vs. Lucha House Party- Tag Team Match

Wilder took down Kalisto to start. Kalisto used his speed and agility to get the better of Wilder. Metalik tags in for a double-team combo. Dawson made a blind tag and hit an atomic drop and locked Kalisto in a submission. Metalik got the hot tag and hit a flurry of quick moves. Dawson kicked out of a sunset flip and hit a DDT. Wilder pushes Metalik’s foot off the bottom rope and Dawson got the pin.

Winner- The Revival by pinfall

Who will face Brock Lesner now?

Vince McMahon made his entry into the ring and John Cena followed soon. Cena told McMahon that it was Cena who stepped up when Stone Cold, the Rock, and Lesner left WWE. He asked for the title shot against Lesner so that he can make this Royal Rumble memorable by winning his 17th title. Drew McIntyre, Baron Corbin, and Finn Balor entered one by one staking their claims. A brawl broke out as Balor decked Corbin and McIntyre dropped Cena. McIntyre then hit Claymore kick on Cena and then on Balor to be the last man standing. Mr. McMahon had a wicked smile on his face and booked a fatal 4-way match for the no. 1 contender at the Royal Rumble.

Jinder Mahal came to Mr. McMahon backstage and asked to be in the Fatal 4-Way Match. Vince told him to pick any one of the 4 participants and if he beat him, he gets the entry to the Fatal 4-Way match. Jinder Mahal has picked Finn Balor.

Bayley, Natalya, & Nikki Cross vs. Riott Squad – Tag Team Match

Nikki Cross from NXT was Natalya and Bayley’s partner. Logan and Bayley started things off but Nikki tagged in right away. She attacked Logan and made her retreat to the corner before doing the same to Liv Morgan. Nikki, then, chased all three opponents out of the ring. Cross trapped Ruby in the apron and unloaded with forearms. Sarah sends Bayley out of the ring with a knee. Morgan hits a facebuster from the middle rope as the Riott Squad kept Bayley isolated. Nattie came after the tag to get two counts. Morgan hit a hurricanrana on Bayley only for Cross to break up the pin, before tagging herself in and taking Morgan down. Nikki tagged Bayley so she can hit an elbow drop for the pin and the win.

Winner- Bayley, Natalya, & Nikki Cross

Finn Balor vs Jinder Mahal

Samir Singh attacked Balor during his entrance and Jinder Mahal took advantage before the bell by throwing Balor into the barricade a few times before bringing him into the ring. The referee checked with Balor and he replied that he want to continue with the match. Mahal dominated for some more time before Balor countered a side suplex but Mahal put him back in a headlock. Finn hit an overhead kick and hit a series of signature moves. He took out Mahal and The Singh Brothers at ringside and then hit a sling blade and a running dropkick on Mahal’s back in the ring. He finally hit the Coup de Grace on Mahal to win.

Winner- Finn Balor

Dean Ambrose vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Seth Rollins, Triple Threat Match, Intercontinental Championship

Seth threw Dean out of the ring before hitting a dropkick to Lashley and throwing him out too. Rollins then hit Lashley with a slingshot crossbody. Ambrose and Lashley teamed up on Rollins to control him for a long time and Lashley hit a big spinebuster. Ambrose shoved Lashley out of the ring. Rollins also pushed Ambrose out and took down both men with a suicide dive. Rollins went after Rush but Lashley caught him at the ringside. Lashley then hit a belly-to-belly suplex on Ambrose.

Rollins kicked Lashley as Seth and Dean started the double team on Lashley. They thrashed Lashley onto the steel steps. Back in the ring, Rollins and Ambrose traded punches until Seth hit a falcon arrow, and went for the pin only for Lio Rush to break up the pin. Lashley came back to clothesline Rollins out of the ring. All three men hit each other with their big moves but nobody got the pin. Rush hit a low blow on Rollin to take him out of the ring and Lashley hit Ambrose with a Spear to get the pin and win the IC title.

Winner- Bobby Lashley by pinfall to become new Intercontinental Champion

A Moment of Bliss, Women Tag Team Titles and Paul Heyman

Alexa Bliss announced a six-team Elimination Chamber match to crown the first women’s tag team champions. 3 teams each from RAW and SmackDown will compete. She also revealed the new belts. Paul Heyman came on the talk show segment and said it does not matter who will face Brock Lesner at Royal Rumble, Lesner will retain the title at Royal Rumble anyway. Soon, Otis Dozovic came out and started talking nonsense until Tucker Knight came out to drag him away.

Finn Balor vs. John Cena vs. Baron Corbin vs. Drew McIntyre – No. 1 Contender Match for WWE Universal Championship

After an initial brawl, Corbin hit a chokeslam backbreaker on Finn Balor. Cena hit a tornado DDT on Corbin. Cena hits the AA on Drew. Balor and Cena hit Corbin with a double suplex. Corbin countered a suplex from McIntyre only to be thrown across the ring. Cena goes for a leg drop from the top rope but Drew turns it into a powerbomb. All four men started brawling in the middle of the ring which ended with Cena hitting a super AA on Balor. Corbin rolled Cena out to make the cover for a near fall. Corbin hit the chair on Cena and McIntrye. Cena broke his pin on Balor and hit AA and McIntyre with Claymore on Cena. Balor hit McIntyre with a satellite DDT and hit Cena with the Coup de Grace for the pin and the win. Finn Balor becomes the #1 contender to face Brock Lesnar at Royal Rumble for the Universal title.

Winner- Finn Balor by pinfall

Cena gave a promo after the match saying Balor earned his respect tonight and he believes he can beat Lesnar, ending the show with posing together.

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