Jinder Mahal wins 24/7 Title at Airport, R-Truth Wins it Back at the Flight

R-Truth took back the 24/7 Championship after Jinder Mahal won it from him earlier.

R-Truth Wins 24/7 Championship in Plane
R-Truth Wins 247 Championship by pinning Jinder Mahal while in a Plane

Last week, Jinder Mahal attacked R-Truth on the Golf Course and won the 24/7 Championship. But he was the champion for mere seconds as Truth pinned him back and ran away with the title. Earlier in the week, R-Truth again lost the title to Elias but won it back in an under the ring segment on SmackDown.

Yesterday, as Truth was talking on the phone while boarding on the flight to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia for Friday’s WWE Super ShowDown event, Jinder Mahal pulled him in the roll-up pin on the airport tarmac to win the championship for the second time.

However, this title reign also turned out to be very short as R-Truth found out the sleeping Jinder Mahal on the flight and went on to pin him to regain the title. This also set off a hunt for the title at 39,000 feet as other WWE wrestlers on the plane made a run after Truth. Truth managed to lock himself in the toilet to avoid losing the title.

However, Truth is now a five-time WWE 24/7 Champion.

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