Past Saudi Rumors Resurface After Recent Travel Fiasco

Vince McMahon, Vince McMahon RAW 6 May 2019

There were always speculations that WWE’s Saudi Arabia Travel Fiasco was “more than meets the eyes” situation. We reported what Brad Shepard has been reporting since Friday itself and Hugo Savinovich’s version of what he heard from his sources in WWE. Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio also put some light on the insider account from some of the WWE staff stuck in Riyadh.

WWE Staff Felt Like They Were Used as Bait for Power Struggle

“Absolutely, absolutely, I heard that from many different people that Vince McMahon deserted them. The feeling was that because there was those problems that happened, you know in whatever it was — the ‘dick waving contest’ was the term that was used.
I had heard from one person who used that exact terminology to me that ‘we were pawns in a dick waving contest,’ but the whole thing is that it happened and so Vince shouldn’t have left because there could have been reprisals and they believe that those were the reprisals and that Vince left and left them there and then when he sent whatever — when he sent to get guys out it was only the top guys that were booked on television, not anyone else.
You know they could have done something. I still don’t understand how they somehow could have flown in — you know what I mean? Why would it take 24 hours?”

Some Rumors From The Past Were Actually True

Dave Meltzer also noted that he has heard some crazy stories since Superstars returned this time. That opens the possibility of any number of insane stories about Saudi Arabia being true.

“It’s a really tense story and then the other part is I have heard so many different stories. I don’t know what’s true and what’s not from different people about different things that have happened there on previous trips that we had never heard that either didn’t happen, but everyone on talent now thinks that did or did happen and everyone thinks was covered up. I can easily believe that considering the lengths they’re trying and everything that’s gone down in this situation. So, it sounds like it’s really bad. The stories were really, really bad. I don’t know how bad those stories really were, bu the talent were spreading that around or someone was, you know there’s some really bad stuff. I’m sure that it was… whatever… it’s just a real tense situation.”

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