PAC Crowned as Inaugural AEW All-Atlantic Champion at Forbidden Door

PAC All Atlantic Champion
Credits: AEW Twitter

AEW’s PAC defeated Miro, Malakai Black, and Clark Connors to become the inaugural AEW All-Atlantic Champion at the AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door PPV event. 

PAC submitted NJPW’s Clark Connors to win the four-way match in order to be crowned as the first-ever All-Atlantic champion. 

The rivalry between PAC and Black can be seen clearly throughout the match. They started going back and forth against each other from the very beginning of the match. 

Miro dominated most of the match even after getting speared through the table by Connors. He almost won the match when he put PAC into the Game Over submission maneuver. Black saved the match by spitting black mist on Miro. 

After that, Malakai Black tried to put Connors in a cross-arm submission but he got hit by a Black Arrow. PAC puts Connors into the Brutalizer submission hold and made him submit to win the match.

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