NXT Takeover Toronto: Io Shirai Defeated Candice Le Rae

Io Shirai has managed to defeat Candice Le Rae in a back and forth match at NXT Takeover Toronto 11 2019 on 10 August 2019

NXT Takeover Toronto Io Shirai
NXT Takeover Toronto Io Shirai


Io Shirai turned heel on Candice Le Rae after being frustrated from not able to defeat Shayna Baszler for the NXT Women’s Championship. After a beatdown from Shirai, Le Rae returned the favor a couple of weeks back as she interfered in Shirai’s match against Kacy Catanzaro. The match between them was fixed as Candice insisted on taking down Shirai.

Match Description:

Io Shirai enters first and as Mrs. Gargano enters, she goes right after Shirai even before the bell could ring. The referee separates them and calls for the bell. Io gets out of the ring but Candice hits her with a dropkick under the ropes. However, as Candice comes out fo the ring, Shirai suplexes her onto the announce table and Candice barely beats the count-out.

Shirai is still in control though as she hits a German suplex and a knee strike. She locks in Candice in stretch and Candice briefly comes into the match as she overpowers and hits a hurricanrana.

We knew @shirai_io & @CandiceLeRae‘s match would be RUTHLESS, we just didn’t know it would happen so quickly! #NXTTakeOver pic.twitter.com/0WYkIriSmO— WWE (@WWE) August 10, 2019

Candice locks in the octopus stretch Shirai avoids submitting by reaching the ropes. Candice blocks the 619 and hits a neck breaker. Shirai recovers and hits the 619 to the back of LeRae’s neck. After a brief battle at the apron, Shirai is left outside. Candice hits a huge suicide dive and turns it into a tornado DDT. She follows up with a double stomp to the back of Shirai’s neck for a near fall.

Io Shirai locks Candice in a cross-face. LeRae counters for a two count. Shirai drills her with a knee strike and a German suplex. Candice repays her with her own German suplex. Io hits another German suplex into a bridge for two. Io counters a German suplex with a backflip. Candice hits a reverse hurricanrana out of nowhere for a near fall.

An avalanche swinging neck breaker gets a near fall for Candice before Shirai returns the favor with a Spanish fly from the top. Shirai hits a backbreaker and a moonsault off the top but once again could only get a near fall. The crowd is ecstatic and Shirai is getting frustrated. Shirai locks Candice in a Koji clutch and chokes her out for the win.

.@CandiceLeRae, you are TOO RESILIENT!!! #NXTTakeOver @shirai_io pic.twitter.com/JQYNqGCPbc— WWE NXT (@WWENXT) August 10, 2019

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