NXT Live Results 18 Sept 2019: USA Premiere

NXT Live Results 18 Sept- Page 3

Pete Dunne vs Arturo Ruas

Ruas starts with a flying scissors. Dunne goes for the arm breaker early on, but Ruas got away and the two hit each other with several strikes. Dunne rocks Ruas and they tangle in the middle of the ring again. Dunne stomps on Ruas’ taped foot. They run the ropes and Dunne hits a big lariat. Dunne keeps Ruas down and focuses on the fingers. Ruas comes back and nails Dunne with multiple strikes and keeping Dunne on the knees.

Dunne fights back, stomps on the foot and continues with some more kicks. Dunne hits a suplex and gets a 2-count. Dunne hits a backbreaker for another 2-count. Ruas turns it around with strikes and a German suplex for a 2 count. After stomps to the chest, Dunne locks in the Triangle. Ruas does a sudden cartwheel to escape. Dunne locks in the finger and gets the submission win.

Winner- Pete Dunne

Xia Li vs Aliyah

Xia with an early dropkick and hits a jawbreaker after a few Aliyah shows some aggression. She keeps control and drops Aliyah with a forearm. Xia comes off the second rope but lands badly. Aliyah hits a dropkick and keeps her offense going. Xia nails a spinning back kick. She sweeps the legs and hits a tornado kick for the pin.

Winner- Xia Li

Imperium Invades

Denzel DeJournete comes out for the match against KUSHIDA. But instead, Fabian Archer, Marcel Barthel, and Alexander Wolfe come out of nowhere to decimate him. After they threw him out of the ring, WALTER appeared with the NXT UK title and walked down to the ring. He takes a mic and says they are Imperium and to them, this mat is sacred. Imperium is here to restore the honor and tradition of their sport, and those who disrespect the mat, they will answer to Imperium.

Kushida appears and says that it’s his show. He enters the ring and the brawl starts. He took out the three other members of Imperium. WALTER grabs him and manhandles him into the ring from the apron. Fans chant for WALTER but Kushida gets free and delivers a kick. Kushida retreats from the ring as WALTER and Imperium stare him down.

Oney Lorcan vs Lio Rush – #1 Contenders Match for the WWE Cruiserweight Title

Lorcan goes crazy and sends Rush into the corner. Lorcan keeps the offense going and hits a big Blockbuster for a close 2 count. Lorcan goes for the Half and Half but Rush blocks it. Rush sends Lorcan out to the floor and nails a suicide dive. He hits two more dives back to back. Rush works in the corner and takes Lorcan down with head scissors.

Rush nails a big roundhouse kick. Lorcan catches him and hits a Dragonscrew leg whip. Lorcan corners Rush for some chops, uppercuts and more strikes. Lorcan drops Rush over the top rope and hits another uppercut to send him out of the ring. The referee starts counting as Rush is outside. As he returns, Lorcan hits a gut-wrench powerbomb for a near fall.

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