NXT Live Results 18 Sept 2019: USA Premiere

NXT Live Results 18 Sept- Page 2

The commentary team hypes the Dream vs Strong match and takes us to the video package, heading into another break.

Velveteen Dream vs Rodrick Strong – AEW North American Championship Match

Rodrick Strong enter followed by VD. They are running corner to corner, trying to lock each other up. Dream final;y gets the arm-twist and is trying hard to keep Strong down. Strong reverses it but Dream gets back up soon. Strong whips him to the turnbuckles but gets thrown out of the ring with a clothesline as we head to a break.

They run the ropes and Dream suckers Strong for a big punch from the ringside. A dropkick from Dream and Strong is now on the outside. Dream hits a double ax handle and throws him back. Dream gets pushed into the barricade as he was coming back up. Strong is using the ringside to his advantage. He hits a side slam followed by a basement slide dropkick before bringing VD back in the ring. He keeps him down for sometime before rocking him with chops and stomps.

VD hits a facebuster but gets a backbreaker in reply for 2-count. Another backbreaker on VD few seconds and now Strong is trying to lock in Boston Crab. VD manages to avoid it and tries to lock in Sharpshooter himself. Stong is too good for that feeble attempt, sends VD out of the ring as we head to another break.

Strong has applied the Boston Crab now. Dream takes some time to get to the ropes. Other 3 members of the Undisputed Era are now out at the ring side. VD starts a rally of punches followed by a back drop. Strong throws him into the referee. VD hits the Dream Valley Driver and fights off the other members on the apron. Strong hits a End of Heartache but could only get 2 counts.

VD hits another Dream Valley Driver for another near fall. As the referee was distracted, Adam Cole hits a superkick from the apron and Strong hits another End of Heartache to get the pin this time. UE’s prophecy has come to an end. Strong celebrates with the UE members at the ramp as the USA streaming comes to an end.

Winner- Rodrick Strong(New NXT North American Champion)

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