WWE NXT Live Results & Updates- 18 December 2019

WWE NXT Live Results & Updates- 18 December 2019 – Page 2

Damian Priest vs Killian Dain

They start the brawl after the bell. Dain takes it to the corner and Priest fights out of thereby unloading with rights. Priest continues beating on Dain until Dain rocks Priest and nails the ribs. Dain sends Priest out to the floor but he fights back to come back in. Dain hits The Divide low crossbody and then works on the injured ribs while Priest is down.

Strikes trade in the ring. Dain catches Priest in a bearhug before a big splash in the corner. Dain puts Priest over the middle rope in the corner to hit him with a dropkick in his ribs. A baseball slide dropkick takes Priest out of the ring. Dain removes the Kinesio tape off Priest’s midsection and starts attacking his ribs.

Dain hits a bicycle kick on the floor before bringing the action back into the ring. Dain is keeping Priest grounded. The crowd gives a mixed reaction when Dain hits a back body drop. Dain grounds him once again but Priest fights back with some kicks. Priest goes for a suplex but Dain proves too much for him. Dain picks him up and drops him on his knee.

Dain pounds on Priest’s ribs some more. Dain with a senton. Dain keeps Priest down and hits another senton in the middle of the ring for a close 2 count. Dain with a Fisherman’s suplex for another pin attempt. Priest fights up and out but Dain dropkicks him. Priest rolls to the floor for a breather.

Priest hits a couple of big leaping back elbow. He goes for a suplex but can’t get Dain up. Priest powers up and this time hits the suplex. Priest goes to the top but Dain rolls out of the ring to boos. Priest runs and leaps over the top rope, taking Dain down on the floor. He brings it back into the ring for South of Heaven but Dain still kicks out at 2.

Dain counters a finisher and dodges a splash. Dain turns it around and goes to powerbomb Priest, then drops an elbow for a close 2 count. Dain charges into the corner with a big splash. Dain with an Electric Chair now but Priest turns it into a victory roll for a 2 count. Priest comes back and rocks Dain again. Dain drops Priest again and nails another senton. Dain goes for a Vaderbomb but Priest gets his knees up. Priest hits The Reckoning for the pin to win.

Winner- Damien Prest

Kushida vs Cameroon Grimes

They trade counters and locks to start before Kushida takes him down with an arm stretch finally. Some fast-paced action as they both run the ropes and Kushida takes down Grimes. Kushida continues to dominate with an innovative kick at the back. He hits a suicide dive as Grimes moves out of the ring. Grimes gets the strikes but Kushida hits a dropkick in return. We go to the commercials.

Back from the break and Grimes is in control on the mat. Grimes stands on Kushida in the corner now. Grimes keeps control and works Kushida over while he’s on the mat. Grimes focuses on Kushida’s back now and keeps control. Grimes with a backbreaker over his knee. Kushida fights free and hits the handspring back elbow.

Kushida starts to mount offense and gets a two-count. Kushida goes right into a cross arm breaker on the mat. Grimes tries to fight free and gets his foot on the bottom rope to break it. Kushida charges with a dropkick to the arm, softening it up for his finisher. Grimes counters a move in mid-air. They trade big strikes. Grimes tries for a German but Kushida hangs on. Grimes over-powers and hits the German for another close two-count.

More back and forth now. Kushida goes to the top and leaps to the floor with a senton on Grimes but he lands hard and they both stay down while the referee counts. Grimes is rolled back in. Kushida follows but runs into a boot in the corner. Kushida climbs up with Grimes in the corner. Grimes fights him off to the mat. Kushida comes flying in the corner with a kick.

Kushida climbs back up and launches Grimes to the mat with a unique powerbomb pin for a close 2 count. Kushida can’t believe it. They trade more big strikes now. Kushida dodges the Cave In. They tangle for just a second as Grimes blocks the Hoverboard submission and then hits the big Cave In stomp for the pin to win.

Winner- Cameron Grimes

Io Shirai vs Santana Garrett

Back and forth to start the match and Garrett gets an early two-count. Garrett controls Shirai as they tangle some more. Garrett takes her down with head scissors. Shirai charges but misses and Garrett kicks her while she’s down. Shirai plants Garrett with a big Flapjack in the middle of the ring.

Shirai kicks Garrett into the corner now, rocking her while she’s down. Shirai charges with double knees but misses and hits the turnbuckles. Garrett mounts more offense and hits an SOS for a two-count. Garrett with more offense and the back elbow handspring into the corner. Garrett bridges into a big submission to the neck now. Shirai tries to crawl for the ropes but she’s barely moving.

Shirai reaches the ropes to break the hold. Garrett charges and Shirai drops her into the ropes. Shirai has Garrett down in the knees now. Shirai runs in with the double knees to the face. Shirai goes to the top and hits the moonsault for the pin to win.

Winner- Io Shirai

Pete Dunne vs Travis Banks

Dunne takes Banks down first and puts a boot to him. More back and forth and a 2 count from Dunne. Dunne takes Banks back down but Banks counters on the mat for a 2 count. They run the ropes and Banks knocks Dunne out with a kick. Banks with kicks against the ropes now. Dunne turns it around with a ton of quick slaps to the chest.

Dunne with a double stomp on Banks’ fingers. Banks rolls to the floor for a breather. Dunne follows and slams Banks onto the edge of the apron as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and Banks mounts some offense, sending Dunne. Fans chant for Banks. Banks runs the ropes and nails a suicide dive into the barrier. Banks goes back to the top and nails a missile dropkick in the ring. Banks with a big double stomp in the corner while Dunne is down.

Dunne catches Banks in mid-air out of the corner, driving him into the mat for a close 2 count. Banks kicks in from the apron now. They go to the top and tangle up high some more. Banks goes for the sunset powerbomb but Dunne lands on his feet. Dunne with a big enziguri in the corner. Banks counters a Bitter End out of the corner.

Banks misses Slice of Heaven as Dunne catches him in mid-move. Dunne with a big stomp to the back of the head out of a submission. They tangle again as Banks counters Bitter End again. Banks comes back with the Kiwi Crusher for another close two-count. Dunne goes on and nails a powerbomb. Dunne ends up hitting a big super Xplex from the top for a pop. Dunne with a kick and a Bitter End for the pin to win.

Winner- Pete Dunne

Cathy Kelley is backstage with Dakota Kai. Kai admits she was forced to get staples last week after the table bump from Mia Yim, but she reminds us that she still won the match. Kai goes on and says she will continue to beat the rest of the women’s division until she becomes champion.

Shayna Baszler vs Rhea Ripley – NXT Women’s Championship

Back and forth to start the match as they get a feel for each other. Baszler with a shot but Ripley responds with a big kick out of nowhere, sending Baszler to the mat. Ripley whips Baszler into the opposite corner and she goes down hard. Baszler goes to the floor to regroup, holding her chest, as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and they’re going at it in the ring. Baszler gets the upper hand but the strikes keep coming. Ripley with a big dropkick for a pop. Ripley takes Baszler to the top for a superplex and nails it despite some resistance from Baszler. They trade more strikes on their feet now. Ripley ducks a kick and nails a German suplex.

Shafir and Duke come down but Ripley drops them at ringside. Ripley follows and trips Baszler on the apron as she comes out. Ripley runs the apron and hits a cannonball on Duke and Shafir as Baszler moves. Baszler follows up with a knee to Ripley’s jaw. Baszler tries to break Ripley’s arm now with a stomp on top of the steel steps. The referee goes out and checks on Ripley as fans boo the champ. Baszler brings it back in the ring and manhandles Ripley.

Back from the break and Baszler has Ripley down in the middle of the ring, still focusing on her limbs and keeping control. Baszler with a big kick now. Baszler with more kicks while Ripley is on her knees. Ripley mounts some offense now. Baszler blocks the Riptide but Ripley dropkicks her into the referee. The referee goes down in the corner. Ripley nails the Riptide and covers for the pin but the referee is down.

Ripley tries to wake the referee as Baszler goes to the outside. Ripley goes for a cannonball off the apron but Baszler moves and she lands hard. Ripley fights out of a Kirifuda Clutch on the outside, sending Baszler into the ring post. Baszler grabs a steel chair and slides it into the ring. Baszler hits the DDT on the chair and covers as the referee wakes up. But Ripley kicks out at two.

Baszler goes back to the Kirifuda Clutch but Ripley fights her. Baszler applies the hold again and this time locks it in on the mat. They roll around on the mat but Baszler keeps the hold applied. Ripley finally starts to fade as the referee checks on her. Baszler has had the Kirifuda Clutch applied for several minutes now. Ripley is about to go down for good but she keeps her arm up and the crowd pops.

Fans chant for Ripley as she rolls out of the hold. Ripley stomps away now. Ripley applies the Prism submission now as the crowd goes wild for Ripley. Baszler kicks Ripley into the corner after breaking it. Baszler with a big knee in the corner. Baszler takes Ripley to the top and chops her. Baszler climbs up as fans chant Rhea’s name. Baszler wastes time and Ripley comes to. Ripley with a super Riptide from the top for the pin to win the title.

Winner- Rhea Ripley(New NXT Women’s Champion)

After the match, Ripley stands tall with the title. The ring filled full of fans. Ripley is being raised in the air by the fans as the celebration continues. NXT goes off the air with Ripley posing in the corner while the ring is filled with fans.

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