Superstar Shakeup 2019 event announced

WWE is preparing for the first International Superstar Shakeup in Montreal, Canada on 15-16 April this year just one week after Wrestle Mania.

In a video ad which was broadcast in Canada during Raw this week was the tweeted by POST Wrestling’s John Pollock. In the ad WWE presenter Scott Stamford claimed that the April 15 and 16 episodes of Raw and SmackDown Live from Montreal, Quebec, Canada will feature the first “International Superstar Shakeup”. The Superstar shakeup replaced the previous WWE Draft event which determines the superstars who will switch between the RAW and SmackDown brands. Last Superstar Shakeup was also held one week after Wrestle Mania 34 on 16-17 April 2018 episodes of RAW and SmackDown.

Interestingly, the above mentioned ad also mentioned a championship match between Intercontinental Champion Bobby Lashley and Seth Rollins. Does this mean that Lashley will be the IC Champ leaving the Wrestle Mania and Seth Rollins will lose against Brock Lesnar. Not quite so. There will be lot of factors determining who will be winning at Wrestle Mania and who is not like Brock Lesnar’s contract status among others. And there is no guarantee that we will get Lashley vs Rollins match on the given date. WWE even changes the plans one or two days prior to the episodes and Canada Tappings are still 2 months away.

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