Nathan Frazer vs Noam Dar Set for NXT Heatwave 2023 on Aug 22

NXT Heatwave
NXT Heatwave, credits- WWE NXT

Nathan Frazer and Noam Dar will clash in a one-on-one match for the NXT Heritage Cup at NXT 2023 Heatwave event.

Nathan Frazer won the NXT Heritage Cup on June 13 NXT episode, where Oro Mensah stepped in to defend the title on Dar’s behalf as Dar was sidelined due to an injury. Frazer defeated Mensah successfully to win the Heritage Cup.

Dar consistently claimed that Frazer did not secure the title from him directly because he was injured during that period. Noam Dar is also holding a duplicate NXT Heritage Cup, which was given to him by his Meta-Four member to boost his confidence.

During the August 8 episode of NXT, Tyler Bate successfully defeated Noam Dar for the fake NXT Heritage Cup. After the match backstage, Bate and Dar were arguing, and Dar was still mentioning that he had not lost the trophy.

Nathan Frazer entered the confrontation and told Bate to give the fake trophy to Dar, and Frazer announced that he would give Dar a championship match at the NXT Heatwave event to end the dispute around the cup.

NXT Heatwave event is scheduled for August 22. This is the second match announced for the event. Trick Williams is also set to fight Ilja Dragunov at the event.

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