MJF Beats Hiroshi Tanahashi to Kick Off Forbidden Door 2023

MJF Forbidden Door

MJF defeated Hiroshi Tanahashi to retain AEW World Championship in the opening match of AEWxNJPW Forbidden Door 2023. Check below for the live updates from the match.


NJPW’s Hiroshi Tanahashi challenged MJF for the AEW World Title on the June 14 episode of Dynamite. But, MJF refused to put his title on the line against someone who works in an inferior promotion. AEW still confirmed the match, but then MJF threatened to no-show the PPV event.

The following week, Tanahashi interrupted MJF’s promo with Adam Cole. The latter taunted MJF and made him accept Tanahashi’s challenge for a match at Forbidden Door. On Collision, Tanahashi defeated Swerve Strickland. MJF came to the big screen and said he would only face Tanahashi if their match would open the show. 

Live Updates

MJF mocks Tanahashi before the bout begins. The latter puts him in a head lock and knocks him down. MJF walks to the ramp saying he is done but returns to the ring when the crowd starts chanting coward. 

MJF hits Tanahashi with a suplex followed by an abdomen stretch. MJF doesn’t want to let go of the hold and was ready to get disqualified before Tanahashi hits the arm drag to break the move.

Tanahashi with some back-and-forth before he hits MJF with a senton for a two-count. He goes to the top rope and hits a crossbody followed by a scoop slam. Tanahashi goes to the top again, but MJF trips him disturbing the ropes, and sends him across the ring. 

Tanahashi blocks the heat sinker, but MJF manages to hit a rolling elbow and shoulder breaker. MJF spat on Tanahashi’s face before the latter targeted his left leg and puts him in a Texas Cloverleaf submission. 

MJF gets the rope break before he eats the slingblade by Tanahashi. The latter goes to the top again, but this time MJF counters by lifting up his knees. Tanahashi rolls MJF for a pin but the referee’s face was on the other side. 

MJF took advantage of it and hits Tanahashi with his Dynamite Diamond Ring to get the pinfall. 

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