MITB 2019: The Usos defeated Daniel Bryan and Rowan

The Usos has defeated Daniel Bryan and Rowan in the non-title match at the Kick-off Show match of Money in the Bank 2019.

Daniel Bryan & Erick Rowan vs The Usos SmackDown Tag Team Championship Money In The Bank 2019, Money In The Bank 2019 Match Card
Daniel Bryan & Erick Rowan vs The Usos SmackDown Tag Team Championship Money In The Bank 2019


The Hardy Boyz defeated the Usos to become the SmackDown Tag Team Champions. But they had to relinquish the titles due to an injury to Jeff Hardy. Daniel Bryan returned to WWE in May after a brief hiatus due to an injury after WrestleMania. As soon he was back, Shane McMahon wanted to bestow him and Rowan with the vacant SmackDown tag team titles.

However, the Usos convinced Shane that Bryan and Rowan should earn the titles by beating them. Rowan and Bryan defeated them in a match at SmackDown to win the titles. These teams also faced off at SmackDown again during the 4-on-3 handicapped match. Later, the rematch between them was announced for the Kick-off Show of Money in the Bank.

Match Description

The champions Bryan and Rowan enter first. The Usos enter next and start entertaining us. They call Bryan and Rowan- Spongebob and Patrick. Jimmy and Bryan start the match. Bryan starts with the headlock but Jey takes him down with a shoulder tackle. Jimmy is tagged in and hits some chops. Bryan tags in Rowan and he starts to work to Jey with a spinebuster. He hits a powerslam and tags in Bryan. Byran takes Jey in the corner. He thrashed his face into the turnbuckle and hits some chops. Jey tries to fight out but Bryan grabs his leg.

Rowan is tagged back and puts Jey in another headlock. Bryan starts to work with a submission maneuver. He then hits a couple of running high kicks until Jey Samoan drops him. Jey sends Rowan to the ring post and tags in Jimmy. Jimmy with a Superkick, uppercut, bigfoot and summersault on Rowan. He tried to follow a Pele kick with a crossbody splash but Rowan catches him and slams him to the floor. Rowan hits the double suplex on the Usos and tags in Bryan. Bryan hits a series of Yes! kicks until Jey hits a roundhouse kick and a superkick. Jey goes for the splash off the top only to run into the Yes Lock. Jimmy comes in to break the hold. Rowan also comes in but the Usos send him out and had to work together to take him down. They also hit the double superkicks on Bryan and then the double Uce to get the pin on Bryan.

Winner: The usos

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