Lasley & Lana Involved in a Risque Segment at RAW

Lashley & Lana Returns to Shock Rusev at RAW Season Premiere
Lashley & Lana Returns to Shock Rusev at RAW Season Premiere

This week’s RAW started with a risque segment between Bobby Lashley and Lana in their hotel room to agitate Rusev.

Last week, Rusev had a very eventful episode as he was included in Team Hulk Hogan for a tag team match at Crown Jewel 2019. Later in the night, he was also involved in the Univeral Championship match against Seth Rollins. But things turned bad for him as Lashley made her return and brought Rusev’s wife Lana with him to start a new infidelity storyline between Rusev, Lana and Bobby Lashley.

This week’s at RAW, Rusev was announced to face Randy Orton from team Ric Flair. But Rusev actually had to fight off Randy Orton and Baron Corbin from team Ric Flair to kick off RAW this week. The next moment, Rusev was interrupted by a video feed of Lashley inside of a hotel room and shortly after that, Lana then entered the frame and removed her robe to join Lashley in bed.

Lashley explained that Lana was leaving him because he had been sending so much of their money home to Bulgaria, then she revealed that everything they owned was in her name and that she was taking it all for herself. As the camera cut away, Rusev turned mad and attacked both Corbin and Orton who were standing behind him all this time and were laughing.

There is actually no sign that Rusev and Lana are having any real-life issues but this is the third time that WWE is playing an infidelity storyline between them. The angle is likely to head towards a match between Rusev and Lashley at some point in the future and there is even a possibility that Lashley will be added to team Ric Flair in the match at Crown Jewel.

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