Kofi Kingston Retains Over Dolph Ziggler at Super ShowDown 2019

Kofi Kingston has defeated Dolph Ziggler in the WWE Championship Match at Super ShowDown 2019

Kofi Kington Super ShowDown 2019
Kofi Kington Super ShowDown 2019


This feud was landed out of nowhere into Ziggler’s lap as Kevin Owens refused to travel to Saudi for this event. Since his feud with Kofi is set to continue for some time, WWE needed a stopgap opponent for Kofi. Ziggler has tried to sell his sudden inclusion on the pretext that he should have been getting everything that Kofi has got in the last few months. Ziggler has managed to beat down Kofi on multiple occasions.

Match Description

Ziggler starts with a headlock and takes down Kofi with a shoulder tackle. Kofi replies with a jumping back elbow and hits the flying forearm in the corner. Ziggler delivers a dropkick for a two count. Dolph slows the pace down a bit as he stomps Kofi into the corner. Kofi slams Ziggler into the turnbuckles.

They trade strikes before Kofi avoids the Zigzag and hits a series of moves- tackles, flying forearms, boom drop. He gets ready for the Trouble in Paradise but Ziggler goes to the apron and hits a shoulder block. Ziggler takes Kofi to the top but Kofi fights out and hits the crossbody splash. Ziggler rolls the splash to get a near-fall.

Kofi counters another pin attempt to hit SOS to get a near-fall. Ziggler goes outside and Kofi jumps on him from the top turnbuckle. Ziggler slams Kofi to the steel steps and hits a superkick on Woods when he comes to check on him. Back in the ring, both men miss their finishers. As Ziggler goes to the ropes, Woods hits an overhead kick on him before Kofi hits Trouble in Paradise for the pin to retain his title. Kofi Kingston beats Dolph Ziggler.

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